How to Understand & Achieve the ‘Natural Effect’ a Client Wants?

When clients request a 'Natural Effect' for lash extensions, they are typically seeking a look that enhances their eyelashes subtly and seamlessly, without appearing overly dramatic or artificial. This effect aims to mimic the appearance of natural lashes, providing a slight boost in volume and length while maintaining a soft, feathery look. The extensions used are usually thinner and shorter, closely matching the client's own lash thickness and curvature. The goal is to achieve a polished, effortlessly elegant appearance that enhances the eyes without drawing attention to the fact that extensions are being worn. Let’s discuss some techniques and products you can use to achieve this desired eyelash extensions style.

Nude Lash Style of Eyelash Extensions On ClientConsultations

When it comes to consulting clients, we have you covered with this in depth blog: Mastering Client Consultations for Eyelash Extensions. When it comes to Natural Effect eyelash extensions, the term can mean different things for different clients. This is where your listening skills help most. Ask open questions and hear your clients out, making sure you understand their vision and what they consider to be ‘natural’ looking. This can mean Classic lashes, Hybrid lashes or even light Volume lash fans, depending on the client you’re speaking to. Whatever their vision is, as a Lash Artist it’s your job to understand, consult and then create.

Don’t be afraid to assert your professional opinion. If something they see as natural would look rather bold and dramatic on them, let them know. Show them your social media and portfolio, and discuss alternative options or incorporate their vision. At the end of the day, what they thought was natural can turn out to be Volume or Hybrid lashes and that’s okay, they may still want that particular lash style, but it’s important to have good communication and understanding with your clients to gauge their desired outcome and provide the service they expect.


Mapping for a ‘Natural Effect’ can mean a lot of different lash styles, so it’s important to discuss your client’s vision and find out exactly what they consider to look natural. Some clients may desire a simple Nude lash style and for this look you should map according to their natural lash length. Simply take extensions no more than 1-2 mm longer than their natural lashes and use the same lengths on each layer of lashes to create a natural top line effect. Short lengths will create a look which isn’t too bold and dramatic and will simply accentuate their features.

On the other hand, other clients who desire a ‘Natural Effect’ may mean that they want a wispy look which they may find difficult to explain. Consider Angel Lashes, a feathery lash look with a wispy volume effect which uses closed or very narrow fans in 2-3D, rather than large fans, and often includes some finer Classic lashes too. The spikes used in Angel Lashes don’t need to be super long and bold, they are simply there to create a beautiful fluttery look. Angel Lashes provide a more natural looking lash set without the over-dramatic volume which can overwhelm your client.

Angel Lashes Map from London Lash EULashes

For clients who desire a natural lash look, it’s a great idea to use shorter lashes which will simply accentuate their natural lashes. Using Chelsea semi-matte lashes in 0.07 or 0.10 in short lengths is a great way to provide a subtle and natural look. Or, if your client desires something even more subtle, then using the London Lash Black Brown lash range would be perfect for softening their desired lashes. When it comes to lash curl, natural is best, after all that’s what they desire. A C curl is best, generally speaking, but if your client has downward growing lashes, you may need to use CC curls to give a little extra lift. Anything more pronounced can be too dramatic or bold for their needs. 

Classic lashes are of course a great choice for a natural lash effect, but some clients may want a slightly more noticeable outcome. You can do an amazing job for a natural look with 2D lashes too. Adding volume doesn’t always mean drama, in fact, clients with sparse lashes or gaps can benefit with some volume to fill in those gaps. Hybrid lashes are a brilliant choice for these clients, a smooth blend between Classic and Volume can create the perfect natural Hybrid lashes look. If you need some more information about creating hybrid lashes, check out The Perfect Natural Hybrid Lash Set blog post next.

Lastly, consider your Lash Glue. For those seeking a subtle outcome, Crystal Bond clear eyelash glue is your go to. It dries completely clear and blends smoothly with Black Brown lashes or even your clients natural lash line, making it the best lash glue to use with black brown or coloured lashes.

Chelsea Eyelash Extensions from London LashWhether your client is looking for something new or they simply want to accentuate their lashes with subtlety, natural looking lashes are a great way to ease into lash extensions and get clients used to the process. Of course, it may be difficult to understand what your clients’ desires are, so make sure you consult and figure out what their vision is, ask questions and hear out their ideas before asserting your professional opinion.