A Dive into the London Lash Introductory Kit for Volume Lashes

In our previous blog we discussed all the details of our Medium Classic Lashes Kit which you can read about here. As that kit is for beginners, we believe that it’s important to talk about your next venture, the Introductory Eyelash Extensions Kit for Volume Lashes. For those who are now experienced in Classic Lashes and want to further expand their skills and clientele, offering Volume Lashes is the next obvious step. Many Lash Techs who’ve never performed Volume lashes, unfortunately believe that there’s not a big difference between Classic lashes vs Volume lashes. However, the techniques used for each set of lashes is different and so are some of the products, this is why we are here to walk you through what is in our London Lash Introductory Kit for Volume Lashes.

London Lash Introductory Eyelash Extensions Kit

Why is This Lash Kit for Me?

If you’ve finished a Volume Lashes Course recently and you’re wondering what the different products for this procedure are, we’re here to help. We have designed and manufactured specific tools to benefit your skill level and further your career as a Lash Artist. So it’s important to know what you’re investing in, and this is why a kit full of all the essential items may be perfect for you.

You may be wondering why you cannot use what’s already available in your current Classic Lashes Kit, you absolutely can, in fact, some products for things like Pretreatment, Lash Glues and Lash Extensions Removal are absolutely versatile, you can use them for Classic, Volume and Hybrid Lashes. But a lot of our Lash Extensions, Tweezers and some lash adhesives are specifically formulated for Lash Techs with more experience, and a lot of practice behind them. Purchasing each item individually may become a huge investment, especially for beginner Volume Lash Technicians. So, we have curated an eyelash starter kit for Volume Lashes which retails for €199, with €354 worth of products! Our brand ethos is the importance of education and helping our customers to benefit from using accessible products. It is important for us to give the opportunity for Lash Artists to develop their skills and use quality products.

What is in the Introductory Lash Extensions Kit?

Let’s dive into what this kit has to offer. As you will know by now, Volume Lashes uses a technique which creates a ‘lash fan’ of two or more individual lashes and is then placed on the natural lash to create a fuller and bold look. In your Classic Eyelash Training Kit you may find Ellipse Flat Lashes, these lashes are ideally suited for Classic Lashes and are not advised for Volume Lashes, so some of the items from your previous purchases are not suitable for the Volume Lashes technique. For Volume Lashes we have included the London Lash Mayfair Eyelash Extensions (x1 of 0.05 C Curl, 0.07 C Curl, 0.15 C Curl mixed trays) these extensions will create a bold and matte finish perfect for the drama of Volume Lash extensions. You can of course interchange with Chelsea Lashes which are also available in this kit(x1 of 0.07 C Curl, 0.12 C Curl mixed trays) and mix them to create a more subtle, yet bold Hybrid lash set of Classic and Volume lash fans. 

And speaking of lash fans, in this eyelash starter kit for Volume lashes we have included Premade Volume Fans, specifically our tried and tested Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes (x1 of 0.07 C Curl mixed tray). TheseEasy Fanning Lashes have a semi-matte finish and feature a mixture of two lengths on every strip which effortlessly creates a stunning and textured wispy lash look. The two lengths have a difference of 2 mm, for example 8 mm & 10 mm on one strip - this means that you can create a beautiful dense lash set with a light and wispy top line. 

For your tools, we have included your sturdy Straight and Curved Tweezers, along with a pair of Fine Tip Volume TweezersVolume Tweezers are ideal for picking up multiple lash extensions and creating your Volume fans. The fine tips of these tweezers will also help you with fanning out narrow or wide lashes by hand. 

Your kit also includes the standard 3-Step Pretreatment products of Protein Removing Wipes, Cleanser and Primer along with bendable Micro Fibre Brushes(x100) for your Pretreatment routine. What’s a luxurious eyelash treatment without our Nano Hydrogel Eyepatches(x10) and a Lash Mapping Pen to draw all your perfect lash maps onto. Don’t forget, we have included a Lady Bond lash adhesive and a Jade Stone with Glue Stone Stickers(x24) to keep your glue stone looking brand new. While you may be comfortable in using faster drying lash glue like Flexie or Power Bond, Lady Bond is ideal for beginners who have just started Volume Lashes as it will allow you to learn placing fans with precision and without rushing. Finally we have our truly unique Cream Glue Remover for all your clients ready to shed their lash extensions and try out a different look.

London Lash Lady Bond Eyelash Adhesive


There you have it, the ultimate lash guide to our Introductory Kit for Volume Lashes. The ideal lash kit for any beginner who has recently completed their Volume Lash Course and is ready to invest in their next venture. Remember, we have curated this kit for your benefit, we want you to get the best products  without spending a fortune. We hope our products take your career to the next level and you continue your success with London Lash.

For those clients simply wishing to add to their current Lash Extensions kit but want products specifically for Volume Lashes, we have condensed versions of some of the items you may need in the Volume Eyelash Extension Kit - Option 1 and Option 2.

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