Tips On Mapping Regular & Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes

Easy Fanning Lashes should be just that… easy, but for some Lash Techs who are new to the world of volume lashes, it may be a confusing and frustrating experience purchasing a new product which doesn’t work the way they initially imagined it would, or which look quite different to other volume lashes they may have used before. Easy Fanning Lashes are somewhere in between standard volume lashes and ‘premade’ lash extension fans when it comes to ease and speed of use. They come in different length layers so that when they are picked up from the lash strip, they pop open, hence their name – Easy Fanning Lashes. But how do you use them and what are some differences between our two varieties? Well, let’s give you the lowdown. 

Regular Easy Fanning Lashes VS Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes

The term Easy Fanning Lashes will become stuck in your mind pretty soon, and for good reason – these lashes are a game changer! Before we discuss how to map with these wispy volume lashes, let’s discuss their differences.

With our Regular Easy Fanning Lash range you will find each strip features three distinct lengths, creating their unique textured top line. This characteristic makes them a beloved choice among Lash Techs and their clients. After all, who wouldn't desire sultry texture with just a single pinch? On the other hand, Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes have only two lengths on each strip compared to the three on the Regular extensions. This isn’t a disadvantage, the Camellia range has a length difference of 2mm between each layer on their strip, while the Regular variety has only 1mm difference between each layer on their strip. This slight difference means that Camellia lashes will allow for a more textured and wispy lash set while the Regular lashes will give a fluffier, more even top line, yet both will achieve a nice wispy lash look with a dense bottom line.

Comparing Easy Fanning Lashes and Regular Volume Lash Fans

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The crucial approach to mapping using the Regular Easy Fanning Lashes entails disregarding the shortest and longest lengths provided, and focusing solely on the middle length indicated on the strip. This approach ensures safety, and provides a straightforward guideline during lash application. As an example, creating Doll Eye lashes using Easy Fanning Lashes differs from mapping with standard single-length lashes:

Another aspect to consider when mapping with Regular Easy Fan Lashes is the importance of gradually increasing lengths. Avoid making abrupt transitions by going from 8, 9, 10mm to 11, 12, 13mm, as this creates a significant jump in length rather than a seamless progression. Instead, follow a gradual pattern like 8, 9, 10 → 9, 10, 11 → 10, 11, 12, as illustrated in the example provided.

Mapping Doll Eye Eyelashes Using Regular Easy Fanning Lashes

When using Camellia Easy Fan Lashes for mapping, simply adhere to the shorter of the two lengths on the strip to ensure safe practice and consistent placement. An effective technique we favour for Hybrid lash application involves blending Easy Fan Lashes with classics. There are several approaches to achieve this. For a softer appearance, incorporate 0.10, 0.12, or 0.15 Classic Lashes in longer lengths to introduce additional wispy lashes into the ensemble.

Natural Hybrid Lash Map

To achieve a dramatic Mega Volume effect, consider integrating Matt Flat Lashes in 0.20 or 0.25 to introduce bold spikes reminiscent of a Kim K lash mapping style. If Flat Lashes alone aren't sufficient, consider pairing them with Premade Spikes for added intensity. 

These are some examples of mapping with Regular or Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes, but in fact the possibilities are endless for creative Lash Techs such as yourself. Just remember the right way of identifying the lengths so as to keep placing the desired lash extensions in the correct place on your map.  

Things You Should Know

For those unfamiliar with the London Lash Booster, make sure you read our in depth blog post about it. To sum up a crucial tip, you should never use Booster on the lash strip of Easy Fanning Lashes. The reason you may choose to use Booster on a strip of volume lashes generally is to prevent handmade volume fans from closing when placed on the natural lash. With Easy Fanning Lashes, this is a no-go zone, particularly because they already pop open by themselves, and the tiny bit of glue holding them together is not friends with Booster. Should you use Booster on this lash strip it will affect the glue holding the layers together, making it go stringy and then the lash extensions will become useless.

Of course, that being said, you are still encouraged to use Booster on the natural lashes as part of your Pretreatment procedure – this will not affect Easy Fanning Lashes by the time you start placing them on the lashes.

Easy Fanning Lashes From London Lash EU

So there you go, Easy Fanning Lashes may seem difficult to navigate and strange to work with at first, but once you master mapping with a single length from the options provided, it becomes straightforward. Utilising Easy Fanning Lashes simplifies the process of providing wispy eyelash extensions to clients, eliminating the need for meticulous length application across various layers of their natural lashes. This approach enables you to effortlessly craft dense lash looks in approximately two-thirds of the usual time!