Your Client FAQs

For your clients it seems easier and quicker to go online and search up all the answers to their questions. But that does not guarantee the answers are correct, professional or helpful. Who better to ask then the Lash Expert themselves. We've found some common client questions and eyelash extensions include:  "How do they work? Why are they so great? Do they hurt?"  We have a great Tech team at London Lash and they’ve done the hard work to answer your and your clients questions.

Clients want to know that the beautician they're going to knows their craft, and is good at it. A lot of the time new clients do not know much about procedures, but like to find out about them before booking a session. Adding a little bit of information to your website or social media can really help to showcase just how knowledgeable you really are. It will go a long way.

What Are Eyelash Extensions Made From?

The majority of eyelash extensions on the market today are made from a synthetic fibre called PB which is a kid of plastic that is typically used in wiring. This makes it perfect for lash extensions as it is heat resistant, water resistant, holds its shape, and is mouldable to different lengths, thicknesses and curls. You can find a wide range of our products in our store.

Lash Extensions Strip on a London Lash Palette with Tweezers

Many lash brands have had two main types of lashes - Mink and Silk. Back in those early days of eyelash extensions, these were the materials they were made from. So why did we decide to move on from them?

  • Mink eyelash extensions were made from the fur of the small animal. Yes, the mink is a small animal that looks similar to a ferret - they're cute and soft and their fur has been used in the fashion and beauty industry for a long time. Silk is also an animal product. Created by silkworms, the silk is used to create eyelash extensions, and we do not think it's fair to force any animal to work for our production. 
  • Natural fibres found in mink or silk do not hold their shape. If you have curly hair and you apply heat or moisture to it, the hair changes - same goes for fur. These natural fibres do not hold their shape over time and they do not give a lasting effect.
  • PBT is hypoallergenic, meaning no one is allergic to it. People can easily be allergic to natural substances, so not only do you have to consider that a client may be allergic to glue, but you also need to factor in that they might be allergic to the lashes made from mink or silk too.
  • Fur and silk don’t arrive in neatly packed boxes of measure lengths, curls and thicknesses. 

Thankfully the eyelash extension industry has moved on from those days and none of our products are tested on animals, we are a completely cruelty free company and strive for all of our products to be vegan. These days, we might refer to our lashes and Mink and Silk, but only to signify that there is a difference in appearance or texture. For us, Mink is shiny, Silk is matte. All of our lash extensions are cruelty free. 

How Long do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Generally speaking, semi-permanent lashes can last around 4 - 6 weeks, but we always suggest that a client comes in for an infill at around 3 weeks to keep their lashes looking fresh and full. Due to our natural hair growth cycle, lashes can begin to grow out or even fall out after a certain period of time. 

What is an Eyelash Extensions Infill?

An infill is your ‘in-between’ appointment. Our eyelashes shed naturally, just like the hair on your head, except their shedding cycle is much faster. Around 3 weeks after your first appointment, you may notice shedding, that is normal. An infill will simply fill in any gaps attaching extensions to the new lashes that you have grown. Read more about infills in this informational blog post here.

Natural Hair Growth Cycle Diagram

Can you Wash Your Eyes When You Have Extensions?

Yes! In fact, you should. Eyelashes are there to keep dirt and sweat out of your eyes. So imagine if you go to the gym or you're putting make up on for a night out to a cocktail bar, the residue built up will not only ruin your extensions, but it is pretty unhygienic too.

Consider this, the longer your Lash Technician spends on cleaning your eyelashes during your appointment, the less time they will have to spend giving you the perfect set of new eyelashes. We always recommend using the Clean Lashes DUO to promote cleanliness but also with its infusion of tea tree extracts our Lash Shampoo promotes lash health.

Clean Lashes DUO Foam Cleanser and Cleansing Brush

What is the Difference Between Russian Volume and Classic Lashes?

Classic lashes, or single eyelash extensions are one extension per one natural lash. They typically give more of a mascara type effect but can be more dramatic, depending on the lashes being used. Why are they called Classic? Because they were the first kind introduced. A classic.

Russian Volume lashes are fans of single lashes which are much thinner and lighter than their classic counterpart. Fans ranging from 2D (2 extensions) up to 20D (20 extensions) can be applied to each individual lash, depending on the desired look. The size of the fan will depend on the thickness of the extensions, and fans in any given thickness will only be created in a size that the client's natural lashes can handle. Russian Volume is characterised by the very even top line of the lashes, and are very neat in their appearance. Russian Volume is the more widely known term, simply because the technique was developed in Russia and for a time was only offered, taught and practiced there and in the closely surrounding countries.

- Hybrid Lashes are a combination of Volume and Classic.

Do Lash Extensions Damage Lashes and Do Eyelash Extensions Hurt?

If applied correctly, the answer is no. The procedure of having your eyelashes done is rather therapeutic and many of your clients may even fall asleep due to the relaxing nature. If you haven’t had lashes before, an appointment from start to finish will look like this:

  • Consultation to find out what kind of look you want.
  • Cleansing the lashes and surrounding eye area to ensure the lashes are free from dirt, makeup, oils etc. using Pretreatment.
  • Isolating one natural lash at a time and applying one extension/fan to it.
  • Checking for any stickies at the end of the treatment.
  • Giving the lashes a little fan using a Mini Cooli to get rid of any fumes.

After the treatment, there should be no pain or discomfort as lashes have been isolated prior to application, none should be stuck together - if you do have a stickie, it will feel a bit like your eyelid is being pinched. Lash Techs should spend a good 5-10 minutes after the application going over the lash line to make sure there are no stickies.

Can You be Allergic to Eyelash Extensions?

The Extensions themselves? No. As covered above, they are made from a synthetic fibre which is hypoallergenic. You can be allergic to the glue, which is why a Patch Test is widely recommended before any procedure. Read this blog post for more information on patch testing for eyelash extensions.

How Do You Remove Extensions?

Lash removal is pretty easy, but you must go back to your Technician to remove them, do not do this at home or ask one of your friends to help you. Eyelash extension adhesive is so very strong, it will not be broken down by oils or anything you have lying around at home. Can oils lead to poor retention? Yes - they can get between the glue bond and the hair (unless your lash tech used Booster) and cause the extension to slide off - this will not work for all of your extensions and the oil will not break the glue down. You need to go to your technician and have them remove the lashes as they will have a professional Lash Glue Removers which they know how to apply safely. This will break down the glue easily and will have your lashes all clean and naked in as little as 10-15 minutes. Trying to remove your eyelash extensions at home can result in you pulling out healthy natural lashes from the root, not only is that painful, but you can damage the hair cuticle affecting future hair growth. Read more about DIY lash removal here.

Removing Eyelash Extensions using Cream Remover

How Much do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

Eyelash extensions treatments are priced differently from one area to the next - if you get your lashes done in a metropolitan city, it will be more expensive than in the suburbs or a small town. This is not because people in cities can afford it more, or because the Lash Artists there have better materials or techniques, but because when your technician is factoring in everything as they are pricing their treatments, they are considering:

  • The cost of materials.
  • Their rent and bills.
  • The time they spend on the treatment.
  • Their level of skill.

The best thing to do is to look up lash artists in your area, check out their lash photos on their website/social media and read some reviews to find the best Tech for you at a price affordable to your budget.