Promotional Ideas For The Black Friday Period

It's never too early to think ahead. With the promotional period of Black Friday fast approaching it may be time to consider putting some seasonal policies in place for your lash extension business. As the busy winter and festive period comes ever closer you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to gain a new client base and turn those potential clients into regular customers. Everyone knows that in today’s market, Black Friday is a very important time for sales, and it is no different for the beauty industry, but since you are offering a service, what kind of promotional offers can you give back to your clients this year? Let’s discuss some options.

Discount Codes

A promotional discount code is not just for physical products anymore, in fact, a lot of services who offer online booking can now offer discount codes too. If you have your own website or you’re on a host website, you can set up a promotional code this Black Friday for your services. Of course, the percentage of discount should be up to you and your margins, but needless to say, your customers will appreciate any amount of discounts for their beloved beauty treatments. 

If you’re simply taking bookings through phone or walk-ins then you can do this the traditional way, simply give your clients a token card with the necessary information and discount percentage which they can redeem when they come back to book with you during the promotional period. It can be up to you if the discount can be applied towards any treatment, aftercare products such as Lash Shampoo or Brow Soap, or a specific slow moving item or procedure in your salon. Set up your policies clearly and follow the same guide for each customer as you want the promotion to be consistent.

Foam Cleansing Lash Shampoo

Free Gifts After Treatment

Depending on your financial margins during a busy period such as the approaching festive season you may not want to offer huge discounts, alternatively, you can treat your clients to a free gift after each lash or brow treatment. It’s always a great idea to stock up on long shelf life items such as Clean Lashes DUOBrown Soap, Brow Oil and Mascara Wands which you can then offer your clients as a free gift for aftercare depending on which treatment they received. To see how long our products shelf life is, check out this blog post.

So Henna Eyebrow Soap with Mascara Wand

Free Treatment

If you’re feeling generous, this is a promotion which will entice a lot of customers, new or returning. A free treatment such as an infill session after their initial eyelash extensions treatment, this may be an amazing promotional tool to retain customers. While this will be a limited time offer, it shows a level of care for your work and your clients' lashes, they will be inclined to return over and over after you have shown them consistently amazing work and a personal touch by giving them a free treatment as an appreciation for their initial booking. But, remember a client must be aware of when an infill is needed, you do not want them to return for this free treatment needing a new full set of eyelash extensions, read this blog discussing when a client needs an infill or a new set of lashes.

Gift Cards

As Black Friday sales are followed by the busy holiday season, many clients may be inclined to book more than they would throughout the rest of the year. This is a great opportunity to offer a gift card scheme. For example, they can book four prepaid treatments onto a gift card (for themselves or someone else) and receive the fifth treatment for free. Again, you can disclose which treatments are available for this option, whether that is a full lash extension treatment or infill session. Alternatively, you can let the client decide, if they have spent a lot of money on this gift card the free treatment can be their personal choice. This shows initiative and care for your customer to decide which one of your glamorous treatments they want to use for free the most.

Black Friday Promotional Sale Gift Cards

Referral Discount

This option is one which may bring many new customers to your salon. As you see your regular clients month after month, you can offer an exclusive Black Friday promotion for them. If they refer one new client to your salon for a treatment you can offer them a discount for them and their referral each time they refer someone new. The more referrals, the more discounts your client can receive. Not only is this a great treat for your client, but it will build new client relationships with their referred friends or family members to trust you and your quality of work which in turn can create new regular clients.

Eyelash Technician Performing Lash Extensions on Client


  • To promote your beauty salon on social media or online, it may be an amazing idea to do a giveaway. For any client who leaves a review on Google, your website or social media image, you can offer a prize giveaway. As they leave reviews to promote your business to potential clients, you can offer a win of discounted treatments, aftercare products or a completely free treatment. The possibilities and ideas are endless.
  • Get inspired by the upcoming festivities. Black Friday promotional periods can be a great time to try something new and offer your clients seasonal limited time lash maps or styles. Get inspired by checking out our Blog Post section here for new ideas on styles and trends which you can make exclusive to a promotional period.