Debunking the Myths Around Nanomisters for Lash Extensions

Everyone’s heard of the infamous Nanomister for eyelash extensions but you may have noticed how little we have mentioned it on the London Lash website, and there is a reason for this. Let’s put the ‘No’ in ‘NaNOmisters’ once and for all. Today we want to discuss why these gadgets are rather useless and can potentially even ruin an eyelash extension set straight after you spent hours crafting it for your client. If you currently use a Nanomister and you’re looking for an alternative then read on and find out our recommendations below.

Nanomister for Lashes and FaceNanomisters Don’t Really Work

A nanomister’s role is to cure the glue bonds at the end of a set of lash extensions. It’s said to increase retention time and also lock in glue fumes. However, too much moisture too soon after treatment can cause problems. This is why the industry agreed time frame is for clients to avoid water around their eyes for 24 hours after getting their extensions done. In theory, a nanomister speeds up the curing process by providing extra moisture to the adhesive and thus helping it to cure faster. But, this is contrary to the advice we give our clients, you’re adding excess water to the lash set.

So why don’t nanomisters really work? Well, generally speaking, there is almost no proof that a nanomister does anything beneficial to help the retention time of your Lash Glue. In fact, a nanomister can potentially cause the glue on your clients eyelashes to shock polymerise. This is when excess moisture (in this case water) comes into contact with glue which is still drying and speeds up the process to such an extent that it shock cures. A very clear sign of shock polymerisation is white residue on the glue bonds. Of course, ultimately this is not aesthetically pleasing and to remove it you need to reactivate the lash glue using a Gel Remover, which in turn exposes your client to glue fumes for an extended period of time. 

Lash Glue Shock PolymerisationConsider too that not all shock polymerisation is visible – glue that cures faster than it’s supposed to won’t always have the white residue if the outside has cured, but the glue in the middle which would otherwise be curing nice and gradually will shock cure, which leads to brittle glue bonds. Just because you can’t see the effects of something, doesn’t mean that it isn’t damaging your retention.

What Are Some Alternatives?

We live in a very fast-paced world and clients want quicker lash sets with as little maintenance as possible. They also want instant results and no waiting around for the eyelash glue to cure before they can get on with their life. This isn’t picky clients, it’s just what everyone wants in a fast-paced society. This is why at London Lash we have worked hard to innovate and develop products that will speed up the curing process without compromising any of your hard work.

To begin with, using a Mini Cooli after your treatment will blow away any glue fumes around your client’s eyes, helping them to adjust to their eyelashes quicker as the glue still cures. A lash fan will help your glue to dry a fraction faster than not using a fan, but it will blow the fumes away from the client’s eyes enough for them to be able to open their eyes. It also feels nice and soothing, so it adds to the overall experience.

Better yet, you can invest in a bottle of Superbonder Sealant, this London Lash magic potion will seal and cure the lash glue in a matter of seconds. After finishing your clients’ extensions, simply take a Micro Brush and some Superbonder and apply to the glue bonds. Superbonder Sealant cures the lash glue instantly whilst maintaining a flexible bond, sealing all the glue fumes away from your clients’ eyes, and making it safe for them to get their lashes wet straight after treatment. For those unsure of how to use Superbonder just yet, read our blog post all about this miraculous product, and be sure to pick up a Sample Bottle of Superbonder if you’ve never tried it before. Trust us, you won’t look back.

Superbonder Sealant InfographicSo that’s the truth on nanomisters. A somewhat gimmicky product which has little to no benefits, but which crept into the lash world without any plans to leave, nonetheless. For those currently using a nanomister, put it away and watch Superbonder slay! No more issues with shock polymerisation, see your clients’ lashes cure in seconds.