How to Mix Your So Henna Powder For Perfect Results Every Time

Many people are now asking“What are So Henna brows?”.  So Henna Eyebrows are a great choice for those who want a semi-permanent eyebrow colour treatment which lasts between 2 - 4 weeks (depending on skin type and correct aftercare). This brow alternative is low maintenance and customisable with the wide array of shades that our So Henna brow kits carry (see the So Henna colour chart here).

So Henna derives from the natural henna plant which produces a dye to penetrate the first layer of skin and coats the brow hairs giving the desired appearance of a full eyebrow. The henna dye has a natural ashy finish, which means no orange brows. Most importantly, mixing your So Henna powder into a fine and smooth paste will be the key to the desired eyebrow look, so here's everything you need to know about the process.


How To Mix Your So Henna Powder

Let us presume you have done your patch test on the client and everything is good to go. Before anything else, make sure you are mixing your powder in a non-metal container, the henna mix contains tannins (an organic compound found in plants) which will react with metal and cause the mix to oxidise and lose potency. London Lash provides the ultimate So Henna Professional Brow Kit for everything you need including plastic tools and glass mixing dishes.

Now you’re ready to begin. Scooping a small amount of your desired shade (you can mix the shades) of So Henna powder into the glass mixing dish you may notice small white dots around the pigment, don’t worry, they’re completely normal and natural compounds of the henna, they will dissolve in your henna mix once you add water. So how much water? Well, a 1:1 ratio of henna powder and distilled warm water is recommended to get the perfect consistency.

So Henna powder added to glass container and pipette adding warm distilled water to So Henna powder.

So you may be wondering how would you get the smoothest paste if you're just mixing with a spoon or a brow brush? Well we have an alternative, the So Henna Mixer Tool is designed for this very job. The mixer tool will blend all the ingredients into a smooth consistency. It is recommended to let the mixture sit for one to two minutes. This allows the active ingredient, lawsone, to release its dying properties and become more potent. A second mix using the mixer tool will help any undissolved henna powder to mix in with the rest of the paste resulting in your desired consistency.

So Henna Mixer Tool mixing henna powder into a smooth and creamy henna paste.

Remember, a thicker So Henna paste will penetrate deeper into the skin, and is easy to control and apply. On the other hand, a smoother, thinner consistency of the paste allows for layering for a desired shade, it can be even easier to apply but it will not penetrate as deeply. The beauty with the So Henna Professional Brow Kit is the wide variety of shades and the customisable use of the products.

Why Is All Of This Important?

Let's recap. For starters, if your So Henna powder is mixed in a metal container or with a metal mixer it will create a chemical reaction altering the colour and potency of your paste. No one wants inconsistent eyebrows. So Henna provides professional semi-permanent tint and tools with professional results.

Furthermore, if your henna powder is not mixed or dissolved completely, the paste will be lumpy and it will not apply smoothly and results will be unpredictable. Not only will this be difficult to control during application, but the pigments from the dye will not be able to penetrate for a consistent result on the skin. Letting the henna paste sit after the first mixing allows for the powders to dissolve and incorporate with the water before you smooth everything even further with the second mixing. Using the So Henna Mixer Tool gives the desired consistency time after time.

And there you have it, the perfect way to mix So Henna powder into a smooth and creamy consistency, ideal for a professional technician looking to make their job just a touch easier and the client experience all that more special.