All The Information You're Looking For on Crystal Bond Clear Lash Adhesive

London Lash was built on the solid foundation of providing education to Lash Technicians of all levels, with a passion to bring the best information and highest quality products to our fellow Lash Artists. Many questions are left unanswered when it comes to products like Eyelash Glue, and unfortunately, some Lash Techs purchase the wrong glue for them without doing any research, which can lead to poor retention and even damage to their clients’ natural lashes. The good news is, that we are always excited to answer your questions in the hopes of creating a community that can then educate one another, and in the trickle-down effect we all become better Lash Artists who have happy clients with beautiful eyelash extensions that last.

Let’s Discuss Crystal Bond Lash Glue

Crystal Bond is our version of a clear lash extension glue for intermediate to advanced level Lash Artists. Crystal Bond is a strong lash adhesive which works best in room temperatures of  18-22°C (64.4-71.6°F) and a humidity level between 45-60%. It has a drying time of 1-2 seconds which is why we recommend artists with the technical knowledge and skills to use Crystal Bond. Some beginners may want to have a clear lash glue in their lash extensions kit but we always recommend you learn the basics with a slower drying black glue before moving on to a lash adhesive with a faster drying time or a clear lash glue. Furthermore, a clear eyelash glue like Crystal Bond may be difficult for beginners to learn dipping techniques as the glue is totally see through, and also placing the lash extensions with precision, a black lash glue is more suitable in the early education stages of your lash journey.

London Lash Crystal Bond Clear Lash Glue for Lash Extensions

When to Use Crystal Bond Lash Adhesive

Needless to say, when you have reached the level of experience suitable for Crystal Bond, the uses of this glue are universal. We have seen many questions along the lines of;  “Is it okay to apply lashes with clear glue?” Of course it is, in fact Crystal Bond is the perfect glue when applying Coloured Lashes. No matter the colour, if your client wants a bright pop of green or pink, or something more subtle for your auburn haired clients like our Black Brown Mayfair Lashes for lighter hair tones, a clear lash adhesive will give a seamless bond, as it will dry completely transparent. While you can use a regular black lash extensions glue for your coloured lashes, you will be able to see the bond so you’ll need to ensure you’re dipping very carefully to ensure the glue line looks even, as opposed to messy. We love Crystal Bond, but we admit we’re a little biassed! Check out this review from a Lash Tech just like you: 

London Lash Client Review for Crystal Bond Clear Lash Glue

You may also be wondering if you should use clear or black lash glue on regular black eyelash extensions? That is your choice with the guidance of your client’s wishes. Your client may not want a bold effect with a carbon black lash glue, so a clear adhesive would achieve a more natural lash line effect. Similarly, if your client is male or more masculine but still desires lash extensions which are subtle and on the natural side, then Crystal Bond lash glue would be the perfect choice. You can read our blog on Lash Extensions for Male Clients here

London Lash Crystal Bond Clear Lash Glue on Black Eyelash Volume Fan Extensions

Lastly, some clients may experience sensitivities to the carbon black pigment which is present in regular black lash glues. While this may be a rare occurrence, it’s good to have some Crystal Bond on hand in those situations as this glue is completely free of pigment. If you don’t want to commit to a full-sized bottle, we also have Samples of Crystal Bond which will help you to only purchase what you will ultimately use.

Feel free to use Superbonder Sealant after the end of your treatment for an immediate glue bond sealing. Superbonder works perfectly with all of our eyelash adhesives, including Crystal Bond.


If you’re using Crystal Bond less regularly than your usual black lash glue, make sure to set your workstation to the optimum conditions for the glue you’re working with. Always keep in mind any temperature or humidity changes if you’re changing glues due to client needs and desired lash sets, even if the change in either variable seems minor. Any eyelash adhesive will work its best in the optimum room conditions, so keeping a handy Digital Hygrometer close by to monitor any fluctuations is key.