There's A New Lash Curl On The Block!

Lash Extensions are ever evolving – there was a time where only a few curls of synthetic lashes were available on the market, but those days are far behind us. At London Lash we are always looking to develop what is next and bring high quality products to you so you can perform exceptional lash extensions for your clients. Different curls suit different clients and can take a trending lash map to brand new heights, and we want you to have the biggest range of options when offering your services to your lash loving clients.

What Are The Extreme L-Curl Lashes?

Mayfair Extreme L-Curl lashes are perfect for clients who have round or bulbous eyes. These lashes will lengthen any outer corner, creating the perfect Cat-Eye or Wet Look set which clients love. The striking angle of Extreme L Curl lashes gives a bold lift which rejuvenates and gives a youthful appearance to the eyes.

Alternative to the M or L lash curls, which have a rounded yet lifting shape, the extreme L-Curl is bold, striking and has a very pointed angle. These lashes are perfect for clients who have naturally straight growing eyelashes and desire a foxy curl effect, especially in the outer corners.

A graphic showing the differences between M curl lashes, L curl lashes, and Extreme L curl lashes


We have made sure to develop these lashes for a variety of clients and lash maps. The Extreme L-Curl comes in 0.07 thickness with sizes ranging from 4 - 7mm and 8 - 13mm in mixed length trays, perfect for any Lash Tech who wants the freedom for length and size when it comes to creating a striking and lifting eyelash set. 

Compared to the 100° angle of L-Curl lashes, the extreme L-Curl features a130° strong and wide anglewhich will elongate the eye and help balance any roundness, especially if you use longer lengths in the outer corners.

eyeliner effect eyelash extensions using extreme l curl lashes

How to Use Extreme L-Curl Lashes

With this curl you will be able to create a wide range of looks. Not only will they flatter round or bulbous eyes but you can also offer them to clients who simply desire something bold and fierce. They are perfect for a pointed arrow or even eyeliner effect, giving your client a very striking and unique look. 

After your thorough Pretreatment routine, which you can read all about here, mapping with Extreme L-Curl lashes is simple. You would simply need your Lash Mapping Pen, Eyepatches and any Eyelid Tape especially if working with bulbous eyes which may not close fully during treatment. Make sure you have consulted with your client on the desired look, if they’re looking to achieve a Cat-Eye effect, simply map the longest lengths in the mid to outer corners of the eyes, working your way up from the shortest lashes in the inner corner.

a cat eye lash map tutorial graphic

If you’re new to using these more unusual curls, you may like to take a while to practice fanning with them – due to their shape they can take a little bit of time to get used to, but once you have the hang of it you’ll be creating those stunning fans in no time.

For something with even more drama, these lashes are the perfect accompaniment to the Wet Look lashes. We have a full blog post dedicated to creating this trendy lash set which is worth a read if you're not too familiar with the technique, but, to summarise, you will need to create lash spikes using Primer. Using a Micro Fibre Brush, apply a little Primer to the lash tips while they are on the strip. This will help you to take them off the strip as spikes instead of fanning them out as you usually would. When you’re done, simply brush through the lashes left on the strip with a mascara wand and they will be easy as ever to fan. 

a gif showing primer being added to the tips of volume lashes to create closed fans

Wet Look Lashes Style Guide

To map the Wet Look lashes, you want to build up your lengths from the shortest in the inner corner and the longest to the outer corner of the eyes. Remember, a wet look lash set is all about texture – working in layers, start from the bottom layer of your client’s lashes with the shortest spikes and build up by 1 mm as you go through the middle layer and then again on the top layer. This will create density in your lash set with a very wispy and highly textured top line that will be a head-turning conversation starter.

wet look lash extensions

To really boost the appearance of your Extreme L Curl lashes, use C curls for the shorter lengths and gradually transition into your Extreme L Curls. You can read more about mixing lash curls in this blog post, if you're looking for some inspiration.

The Mayfair Extreme L-Curl lashes are ideal for a wide range of styles, so don’t miss out on creating a bold new look and offering your clients who always want that extra drama something new. This lash curl will rejuvenate and complement the client’s eyes if necessary, or will add a sultry siren-eye effect to those with almond shaped eyes. Trust us, it will be a hit for all clients.