Why Buying Tweezers From a Professional Supplier is Important

In the Lash Extensions industry buying your tweezers from a professional lash supplier is important. It is just as important to work with high quality Lash Tweezers as it is to work with high quality Eyelash Adhesive, Lash Extensions and Pretreatment to name a few products. Working with low quality eyelash tweezers could lead to strained wrists and poor lash application which in turn will lead to poor retention and eyelash sets for your clients.

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But They Cost Less on eBay & Amazon

While that may be the case, London Lash Tweezers are specially designed and approved for use by Lash Technicians for Lash Technicians. We take pride in our high quality products being rigorously tested and approved for use by real Lash Artists. Tweezers on websites like eBay or Amazon are not tested as meticulously as our own products, there is not the same quality control which we provide for every tweezer we ship out.

Furthermore, the quality of the tweezers is simply not the same. We have made sure to weigh our tweezers exactly the same, each and every time, so when you purchase a new pair of Multifunction Tweezers (for example) they will feel and work the exact same way as your previous tweezers. There is no guarantee that you are purchasing a product with the same quality each time from websites like eBay or Amazon.

But They Look the Same

That may be true. A lot of tweezers for eyelashes have similar designs out there, but the way in which they are made may be totally different. Our tweezers are made from stainless steel, so you know that you are getting the best quality each time. When purchasing a similar 'looking' product from other websites you are not assured that the quality or material used to make it is the same, in fact, if it's cheap, it probably is not.

Cheaper metals break and bend easily, they may even tarnish or rust when you clean them, and you should always clean and disinfect your tools after each client. Our tweezers are created to withstand an autoclave and chemicals like the Glue Remover for Tweezers so you can thoroughly clean your tweezers knowing they will not rust or break. Check out our full blog on How to Take Care of Your Tweezers.

Cleaning of Fiber Tip Tweezers Using Biodegradable WipesThey Cost Less

Sure, some tweezers on the cheaper online markets do cost less. But, as we mentioned previously, quality tools comes with quality materials. If you're paying for a cheap pair of tweezers you may experience premature breakage or rusting, leading you to repurchase time and time again, or you may have to stock up on a few pairs, meaning you're already spending more money.

With a pair of London Lash tweezers you're assured to have that pair of tweezers for the longest time possible, in fact, some of the tweezers we have today in our studio have lasted several years and are perfectly usable to this day.

What If I Don’t Like London Lash Tweezers? 

You can exchange them. Firstly, we'll try to understand the issue and what it is you do not like about them so we can make an alternative suggestion for another pair. If anything is wrong with them, which is unlikely, we'll send you a new pair and we'll only ask for photos of the issue of your purchased tweezers in return.

The fact of the matter is that every pair of London Lash Tweezers comes with quality assurance, rigorous hand testing and with lasting support from a team of real people - real lash experts - who genuinely care about you and your experience! Those are elements which are pretty much priceless. 

To find your pair of tweezers today, check out our Tweezer Chart below and have a look at our full range in our blog - Picking the Perfect Lash Tweezers for in depth information.

Tweezer Chart for London Lash Tweezers