Let's Talk About Foam Tape

Yes, eyepatches are the industry standard when it comes to lash extension treatments. You see beautiful social media photos and ad campaigns using perfectly shaped patches and you think "I want my treatments to look like that too..." but the reality is that eyepatches are not for every client. This is where foam tape can be your saving grace.

London Lash Foam Microfoam Tape For Lash Extension Procedures

For Beginner Lash Techs

Being a beginner in this industry can get expensive, we know - we’ve all been there and we’ve all sat and thought about what we can remove from the basket to make it a bit more affordable whilst still ensuring we have all of those necessities that will impress and delight our clients. 

For many beginner lash techs, buying full eyelash extension kits, tools and accessories can become rather expensive - we understand. Once you use up a lot of your kit, especially in the beginning stages of your educational journey, it's time for a restock. It can add up, you're sat there wondering what to get rid off from your shopping basket. We have an affordable alternative for you when it comes to eyepatches for treatments.

Microfoam Tape is an incredible little helper in your tool box. It is versatile and it makes an amazing alternative to eyepatches in tricky situations, but especially in your education. Each roll of tape has a huge 5 meters of material which will give you enough product to protect the lashes of up to 80 clients.

As the foam tape is rather thick, thicker than eyepatches, this makes it a great learning hack for beginners. It minimises the risk of poking a client with some tweezers. It happens more times than you'd want. But that's okay, you're still learning. Getting used to the pressure and resting of tweezers is an art form, you're a Lash Artist after all. Putting too much pressure on eyepatches could become uncomfortable for some clients, so this is where the microfoam tape can help.

Client Sensitivities

Not all clients have the same eye shapes and not all eyepatches will fit every single client. Some clients will not be able to close their eyes fully during the lash treatment no matter what you try. This is a big red sign, you must do something as the fumes from the lash glue can irritate the client's eyes otherwise. Using the microfoam tape is a prefect trick. As we discussed, foam tape is a little thicker than eyepatches so it can cover the gap between the eyelids which will keep the lash adhesive fumes away.

Furthermore, the tape is totally customisable, this means that for each client you have the perfect opportunity to cut out the shape of an eyepatch which fits them incredibly well. 

Unfortunately, some clients may experience an allergic reaction to the eyepatches, it happens. The gel holding the eyepatch in place during treatments may be an irritant to some clients. Microfoam tape is hypoallergenic which means no irritability for those clients with sensitivities. 

London Lash Foam Microfoam Tape Hack for Eyelash Extension Treatments

Other Great Uses

  • Foam tape is the perfect texture for drawing out lash maps - we have tested this trick with different pens and it works like a dream.
  • Beginners may find their lash glue sticking to the eyepatches during treatment. This can become a very picky job to unstick the lash extensions from the patch. This does NOT happen when using foam tape.
  • The microfoam tape is sticky, meaning that even if your client has oilier skin than you're used to, the tape will not move around during the treatment.
  • If your client's eyes become watery for any reason, the thickness of the foam tape and the fact that there is no gel on it will help with this problem.