How to Use Eyelid Tape

In difficult lash extension treatments you may find yourself in tough situations. Your client has downward growing lashes which are hard to lash and are sticking to the eyepatches, or their lashes are compact in the corners and are hard to isolate, perhaps your client is finding it difficult to keep their eyes closed which is very important when working with Lash Glue. The solution to these issues? London Lash Eyelid Strips.

So What Are Some of the Issues?

We have seen many questions along the lines of  “Do eyelid strips work?”  and the short answer is yes, of course. The best eyelid strips are those which have multiple purposes and can help in a variety of situations. Don’t fret, with a box of pre-cut London Lash Eyelid Strips you get 360 pieces of flexible tape so they’re always on hand and you don’t have to spend any time cutting out individual pieces of tape each time. Grab a pair of Isolation Tweezers, lift the end of the eyelid tape and you’re ready to place it. But just what are some of the situations in which an eyelid strip will be your saving grace?

London Lash Eyelid Tape for Lash Extensions Treatments

- TIP 1

Eyelid strips for hooded and monolid eyes are the perfect solution when performing lash extension treatments. It’s always best practice to know how to work on different clients with different eye shapes. Some clients with monolid eyes may find it difficult to fully close their eyes during the treatment. The hood over the eyes is rather deceptive, and in fact it can be rather difficult for those clients to close their eyes completely during the entire procedure. Here is where some eyelid tape does the perfect trick. Take a pre-cut strip and stick it on top of the client’s lid just above the lashes, then pull it through the lashes, and with the opposite end stick it to the Eyepatch. This way the client’s eyelid is more secure, fully closed and safe to carry on the procedure. Of course, this little hack works for all clients who cannot close their eyes fully, just ensure that you take a Lash Mirror and check from underneath to ensure that the eyes are completely closed, so that you can avoid chemical burns.

Placement of Eyelid Tape during Eyelash Extension Procedure

- TIP 2

For those clients who have compact or downward growing eyelashes in the inner and outer corners specifically, you can use the criss cross technique using two eyelid strips. Simply take one strip and place it on the eyelid at a 60 degree angle lifting the outer corners of the lash line, then, take a second strip and do the same on the opposite side lifting the inner corners of the lash line. Your lid strips should create an X on the client’s eyelid lifting both the inner and outer corners making them easier to continue your eyelash extensions treatment. As in Tip 1, take a mirror and make sure the eyes are still closed after lifting.

Criss Cross Placement of Eyelid Strips on Lash Extensions Eyelid

- TIP 3

In the case of your client who has naturally downward growing lashes, they may stick to the eyepatches, making it frustrating and difficult to lash that client. Here you can take one eyelid strip and stick it close to the client’s lash line lifting upwards or in the direction necessary to lift the lash line and those natural lashes so that they’re not sticking to the eyepatches. In more difficult cases, you can use two strips and lift upwards from the inner and outer corners. This is similar to Tip 2, but you’re pulling upwards instead of across. Once again, while you are lifting the lash line and creating an upwards curve, you do not want to open the eye. Use an Eyelash Mirror to make sure that while you have lifted the lash line, the eye is staying closed. We do not want any chemical burns from the lash adhesive.

Eyelid Tape Placement on Eye during Lash Extensions Procedure

Things to Consider

As noted above, there are a few things to consider when using eyelid tape. One being you do not want to lift the lash line too far and open up the eyelid, exposing the eye to eyelash glue fumes. 

As these strips are sticky, always use a pair of Isolation Tweezers to lift the tape and hold it into place with your finger on the non sticky side, you don’t want to start lifting and moving the tape excessively when it’s already on the client’s skin, it may pinch and become uncomfortable for them, furthermore it will reduce the effectiveness of the strip itself. If this is the case, and you made a tiny mistake or you are removing the tape at the end of the eyelash treatment, then simply lift it with your tweezers with a very gentle and slow motion. The adhesive on the eyelid strip is formulated to be gentle on the skin even for clients with sensitive skin, though you don’t want to pull and tug with fast motions. 

For the ultimate adhesion, make sure the client’s eyelids are completely clean from any makeup or oily residue such as sunscreen or facial creams, use Protein Removing Pads to clean the surface and then wait for it to dry fully before placing the eyelid strip.

London Lash Protein Removing Pads Pretreatment for Lash extensions