How to Consult Clients for Lash Extensions

Consultations are the cornerstone of any successful eyelash extension service. As a Lash Technician, mastering the art of consultations is crucial not only for understanding your client's needs but also for ensuring a satisfactory outcome of their desired lashes. Consultations are also the ideal time to consider any contraindications such as allergies or eye infections; clients with any contraindications should not be given lashes, and it’s important to note these reasons before you fill out a booking slot, take a deposit or even begin lashing. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to perform consultations for eyelash extensions effectively.

Consultation Form for Lash Extension ClientsEstablish Rapport

Begin by warmly welcoming your client into your lash salon or studio, and creating a comfortable atmosphere. Building rapport helps to put your client at ease and fosters open communication. Take the time to introduce yourself, inquire about their preferences, and address any concerns they may have. Make sure you ask open questions and listen carefully to your client’s ideas and desires. Try not to be too technical with your explanations, clients will appreciate everything in simple terms and this way you can both rest assured to be on the same page and understanding.

Assess Natural Lashes

Conduct a thorough assessment of your client's natural lashes and always write down any details in your Notebook for future reference. Examine their length, strength, and density, as well as their natural curl and whether they grow upwards or downwards. Assess the health of the natural lashes and discuss any potential limitations or recommendations based on their current lash condition. If your client has weaker natural lashes, consider a Classic Lash set using Cashmere Flat Lashes which will still provide fullness but weigh only half that of a classic lash extension in the same thickness. If they’d like a Volume Lash set, consider what fan size is safe, and think about dropping down a thickness if you need to. 

Consider any contraindications, which would be reasons for which a client may not be able to have lash extensions. You can read more about this topic in this blog post. Finally, if this is a new client, always make sure you conduct a Patch Test of Eyelash Extensions before you perform a full lash extension treatment if this is something that your insurance provider requires.

Patch Testing Eyelash Extensions for ClientEducate Your Client

Take the opportunity to explain to your client the different types of looks they can achieve with lash extensions so that they can make an informed decision about what they ultimately choose. You can also talk to them a bit about the process and what you will be doing so that they know you are knowledgeable and use high quality products, but try not to overwhelm them with information. 

Furthermore, the education of aftercare is a huge and important step in making sure your client is able to maintain their lash health once they leave your salon. Provide your clients with an Aftercare Leaflet and talk them through the steps of maintaining stunning fluffy lash sets using Lash Shampoo daily. This can be explained more thoroughly after the lash application rather than in the initial consultation, but there’s no harm in mentioning aftercare in the beginning.

Customise The Look

Based on your client's preferences and natural lashes, tailor the extension design to create a customised look that enhances and complements their features. Consider factors such as eye shape, facial structure, and lifestyle when recommending a suitable style of lashes. If an idea is unachievable, such as a particular type of lash style which may not suit their eye shape, be honest and offer a similar alternative, this way your client will understand that you’re approachable and knowledgeable about your craft, while also wanting to satisfy their needs. For more information on Lash Styles and Eye Shapes check out this blog next.

Address Concerns & Questions

Encourage your client to ask questions and address any concerns they may have regarding the procedure or aftercare. Be transparent and honest in your responses, ensuring that they feel informed and confident in their decision. Manage your client's expectations by discussing the limitations of eyelash extensions and the potential need for infills or touch-ups. Provide a timeline for maintenance appointments to keep their lashes looking fresh and beautiful. For more information on Infills vs Full Lash Extension Sets, take a look at this blog.

Infill VS Full Lash Set InfographicBy following these steps, you can conduct consultations for eyelash extensions with professionalism and expertise, ultimately ensuring a positive experience and stunning results for your clients. Mastering the art of consultations not only enhances client satisfaction but also strengthens your reputation as a skilled Lash Technician.