What To Do If A Client Asks For The Same Eyelashes As Their Friend

It goes without saying that sometimes your job can be more difficult than necessary due to client expectations. Your job must then turn from Lash Tech consultant to educator. How many times have you heard the question: “Can I get the same lash extensions as my friend?” and in the worst-case scenario, their friend is not your client, and you are simply shown a reference photo without knowing anything about the particular lash set in question. This is where the difficult situation of consulting a client and addressing their expectations can arise. Let’s walk you through how to approach and dissuade your client from this request, so that you’ll know exactly what to do if this situation ever rears its head.

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As you may be well accustomed to, a client can walk through the door asking for the same lash set as their friend, or perhaps even show a reference picture of a celebrity and ask for those same eyelashes. The fact of the matter is, if you have not worked on this friend, you will not know the length, curl, type of Eyelash, and thickness used. It’s all a guessing game. Furthermore, if a client asks for a celebrity’s lash style, there is no guarantee that the lash set in question are extensions or, in fact, a false lash strip. Replicating expectations is extremely tough and not always achievable, which will leave your client disappointed and probably won’t return.

In a rare case where you may have worked on their friend’s lashes, and said friend recommended you, then it can be easier to replicate a set you’ve worked on. But, this is again where expectations need to be addressed. Does the friend’s lash style suit your new client? Is it complimentary to their eye shape? Are their lashes strong enough to hold the same volume? These are some questions you need to address during a consultation to determine if the set will look similar and complimentary on your new client, and if it doesn’t, then what are some alternatives?

Assessing Any Issues

If you haven’t already, make sure to read our blog on Eye Shapes and Suitable Lash Styles for a deep dive and understanding of which lash extension styles suit which eye shape. Clients may come in asking for the timeless Cat Eye lash extensions which suit their friend’s eyes beautifully. Unfortunately, if your client has quite narrow and wide set eyes, this style of lashes will only further accentuate this and create an even wider appearance. Therefore, this example style is not suitable for your client, and you should offer an alternative. This is where your expertise comes in…

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Knowing which lash style suits which eye shape is important, but also knowing how to spot eye shapes is a skill in its own right, so go to our blog post, get all the comprehensive tips and tricks, and you’ll be able to brush up on your skills in no time.

Offering An Alternative

If a client is requesting a style that doesn’t suit their eyes, it’s best to offer an alternative that is similar and close to their desired outcome. For instance, if the client is asking for Cat lashes, offer Squirrel instead. Being able to make your client happy is just as important as assessing their lashes and understanding their needs to meet their expectations. If their expectations are not attainable, then an alternative can go a long way to satisfying their needs. Never turn away clients just because what they’re asking for is unsuitable for their eyes. In fact, being able to accommodate clients makes for a great Lash Tech who knows how to utilise customer service along with their skills.

If a client is a little unreasonable and wants what they initially asked for without taking into consideration your suggestions, make sure you stand your ground. After all, becoming a Lash Artist takes time, effort, and knowledge. Don’t be afraid to affirm your knowledge and expertise by being calm, educational, and informative. Clients can sometimes push back, so explaining to them that you understand their vision but an alternative with a similar effect is best suited for them can go a long way to convince them of a change of mind. Why not show your client some examples? It’s always a good idea to pull out your portfolio of work and explain the differences and similarities of eyelash extension styles, not only will you educate your client, but you will also show them you know exactly what you’re talking about and what will suit them.

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So now you’re prepared for the inevitable question. Clients who desire the same lashes as a reference photo or their friends will need to be assessed, consulted, and informed on any issues, discrepancies, and expectations. But having the skills and your experience, you’re fully prepared and armed with knowledge to tackle any issues that may arise. Build client confidence, and loyal relationships will follow.