Are There Any Alternatives To Lash Shampoo?

There may come a time where a client calls up your salon to ask for some advice on what to do if they’ve run out of Lash Shampoo. As a regular eyelash extensions enthusiast it may be a part of their daily face wash routine, and sooner or later their bottle of cleanser will run out. What is some advice you can give your client on taking care of their extensions in the meantime before they can get their hands on a new bottle of Lash Shampoo? 

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Best Case Scenario

We have written extensively on the topic of Lash Shampoo and ‘Why It Should Be Used’, which is a good place to start if you’re looking for advice to give your clients who aren’t quite as clued up as others. Your regular clients will also know the benefits of their daily cleanser use but, as you’ll know, being busy can often mean that we are prone to run out of product. But for some clients it seems like a better idea to go for a ‘cheaper’ alternative or just avoid aftercare all together. In this case, there are many pitfalls and thus, your client can ruin a perfectly good lash set or even create potential long-lasting lash damage.

In the best case scenario, your client should purchase a new bottle of Lash Shampoo on their next visit, or can even order one from the London Lash website, if they’re not due a visit for a while. Ask regulars at the end of every appointment if they need a fresh bottle. Not only will you boost your retail profits, but you’re also looking out for their lash health and their aftercare. 

London Lash Foam Cleanser Lash Shampoo

One thing your client doesn’t need to worry about is the longevity of their purchase – it’s always worth letting them know that Lash Shampoo from London Lash has a shelf life of 24 months unopened, and 12 months after being opened. Therefore, it will not be a wasteful investment if your client purchases a second bottle before their first runs out. Be absolutely sure your Lash Shampoo has life left in it by checking the DOP and expiry date printed on the bottom of the bottle, and rotate your stock accordingly.

Alternative Products

Of course, not every client wants to spend money on something they may see as a ‘marketing ploy’, but this is where education is paramount. It’s easy for a client to search up something online and see countless articles suggesting outdated products and advice on eyelash extension aftercare. Products with a high concentration of oils, poor application and removal techniques, and formulas that are unsafe for eyes can cause more damage than good in the long run. Always consult, advise and educate your clients on aftercare, our Digital Aftercare Leaflet is printable and easy to distribute to your clients for the best, most current advice on lash extension aftercare.

If your clients begin to discuss aftercare topics about products such as those listed below, it is best to tell them some of the pitfalls or dangers of using them. While they may have seen what seems to be reputable advice online, these products may not be eye safe, lash safe or glue safe, and can potentially cause discomfort, premature lash shedding, or natural lash damage.

  • Micellar Water: This cleansing water is one of the most gentle and safe ways to remove makeup without damaging your skin or being harsh with chemicals. Micellar water is commonly known as ‘gentle water’ and has multiple cleansing uses. As a makeup remover, this is a great product, but micellar water can often contain a lot of oils, and oils around lashes and Lash Glue will attract more issues. Oils mixed with extensions and glue tend to act as a magnet for dirt, dust and other impurities, and can also work its way between the glue bonds and the natural lashes, causing them to slide off prematurely. Consider too that micellar water is often applied with cotton pads to remove makeup and impurities. The fibers of the cotton pads can then catch on the glue bonds, creating a situation where your client may begin trying to remove them and pluck away at their lash line, potentially causing much more damage than good.
  • Facial Cleanser: If you’re giving advice, you must clearly state that face wash cleansers must be oil-free, alcohol-free and eye safe when a client is wearing lash extensions. These three factors are paramount. Do not advise clients to use anything which can be harmful or cause irritation. Facial cleansers can contain oils, chemicals and even alcohol to help cleanse the skin. This is not eye safe and thus not a good cleanser for lashes – the same is true if the cleanser contains any exfoliants, as these can become stuck between the lashes and can cause irritation. While your client can use a facial cleanser for their face, avoiding their eyes is an absolute must. Using facial cleansers, especially without checking the ingredients, around their eyes can cause serious irritation, have a very drying effect on the glue bonds, and ultimately cause many more issues in the long run.
  • Baby Shampoo: This is a piece of outdated advice still floating around on the internet. While baby shampoo is gentle, and a very tiny amount can create foam which, in theory, can be used around the eyes to cleanse the area, this shampoo is thick and leaves residue. Afterall, cleaning lash extensions is about removing oils, impurities and debris. Baby shampoo is formulated for hair, and not specifically for lashes. This thick shampoo consistency is difficult to remove from an area such as around the eyes, more often than not, clients will not be able to remove all of it, leaving a residue and thus attracting more dust and oils to collect in the lash extensions. While baby shampoo was once industry standard advice, it is outdated. There is a good reason why specifically formulated products, such as Lash Shampoo for cleansing eyelash extensions have been introduced to the market.

Lash Shampoo is a Must

To reiterate, if a client is calling you to ask for advice on how to clean their eyelash extensions due to misplacing or running out of their Lash Shampoo, the alternatives may cause more damage than good. The best advice you can give is to simply pop in to repurchase a bottle from your salon. 

Foam Cleanser Lash Shampoo from London Lash EU

Lash Shampoo is specially formulated to be light on the lash line and easily removable to avoid residue, oils and harsh chemicals. Our particular Lash Shampoo contains antibacterial tea tree extract to prevent any infections or conditions such as styes or blepharitis. It is safer to reiterate to your clients that one or two days without cleansing their lashes is far better for longevity, health and retention until they can come in and get their hands on Lash Shampoo than using anything else as an alternative, though ideally, they should always ensure that they have a bottle of Lash Shampoo at home!