Spring Calls for Classic Lash Extensions

As the vibrant hues of spring awaken nature, it's time to let your beauty bloom as well. Spring is the season of renewal, where everything feels fresh and invigorating. What better way to embrace this rejuvenating atmosphere than by enhancing your natural beauty with Classic Lash extensions? Let's delve into why Classic Lash extensions are this year’s perfect choice for your clients to complement them in the spirit of spring.

Model Wearing Classic Lashes GIF

Classic Lashes?

Just in case you don’t know yet, Classic Lashes are single eyelash extensions that are placed on each single natural lash. This treatment allows for a more subtle, natural look which accentuates the lash line providing definition for clients who want the effects of longer, bolder eyelashes without intense volume. Read our Step by Step guide for Classic Lashes here.

Our Classic Lashes range comes in 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.180.20 and 0.25, perfect for the Lash Tech who desires a wide range of options in they lash extensions kit. 

Natural Look & Feel

Spring is all about embracing a fresh, natural aesthetic, and Classic Lash extensions align perfectly with this time of year. Crafted to mimic the look and feel of natural lashes, Classic extensions provide a seamless integration that enhances clients’ features without looking overdone. Whether they’re attending an outdoor spring event or enjoying leisurely strolls amidst blooming gardens, their lashes will exude a soft, natural allure.

Versatility In Style

One of the beauties of Classic Lash extensions is their versatility in style. Whether your clients prefer a subtle, everyday look or desire a more dramatic effect for special occasions, Classic extensions can be customised to suit their preferences. With varying lengths, curls, finishes and thickness options, as a Lash Technician you can tailor the extensions to complement your clients’ unique eye shape and personal style, ensuring they look and feel their best throughout the spring season. For more information on Eye Shape and Suitable Lash Styles make sure to check out our dedicated blog.

Half Set Classic Lashes on Model

Opting to offer styles such as the Half Set, Nude or Natural lash sets are the perfect ideal options for any client who wants the most subtle look with the clear accentuation of their lashes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve bolder more exciting styles of eyelashes using Classic Lashes too, add a wispy touch for some drama. For those who want natural looking lashes and desire minimal drama and boldness, using Black Brown lash extensions is a great choice to create a super chic minimalistic lash look. The versatility of Classic Lashes will truly exhibit your skills as a Lash Artist.

Classic Lashes With Wispy Spikes

Lightweight Comfort

As temperatures around Europe begin to rise and the sun's warmth envelops the atmosphere, comfort becomes paramount. Classic Lash extensions are renowned for being lightweight, offering superior comfort even during the busiest of springtime activities. Say goodbye to the discomfort of mascara smudges or the weight and glue of false lash strips – with Classic extensions, anyone can enjoy feather-light comfort while basking in the beauty of spring.

Furthermore, spring time can cause our natural eyelash growth cycle to speed up, and thus ‘lash shedding’ in spring can seem more regular than usual. This is a perfect time to go for light-weight lashes instead of continuously having to infill clients’ Volume Lash sets. For clients with more weak and brittle natural lashes, Flat Lash Extensions are perfect for adding drama, boldness and the appearance of volume. These super-lightweight extensions have split-tips which mimic a Wet Look, and are so lightweight that they offer completely comfortable and safe wear for any client.

Classic Lash Set using Ellipse Flat Lashes

Long-Lasting Beauty

Spring is a season of blossoming beauty, and Classic Lash extensions ensure the allure remains steadfast throughout the season. Unlike traditional mascara or strip lashes that require frequent touch-ups, Classic extensions offer long-lasting beauty that endures through rain showers, outdoor adventures, and sunny days spent soaking up the season's splendour. Spring is an ever changing season, and being able to minimise the process of getting ready while anticipating any weather imaginable, makes spring the ideal time to offer Classic Lashes. With proper aftercare and maintenance, Classic extensions will keep looking effortlessly glamorous from the first bloom of spring to its radiant culmination.

PRO TIP: Using Superbonder Sealant will enhance the adhesive's elasticity, preventing bond breakage and improving retention, while instant polymerisation without shock curing traps adhesive fumes, reducing irritation and sensitivity. Sealing the bonds ensures the lashes are immediately waterproof, eliminating concerns about rain, showering, or physical activity, perfect for the every changing spring season.

Using Superbonder Sealant on Eyelash Extensions Final Step

In conclusion, Classic Lash extensions are the perfect choice for embracing the essence of springtime beauty. With their timeless elegance, natural look and feel, versatility in style, lightweight comfort, and long-lasting beauty, Classic extensions allow your clients to bloom with confidence throughout the season. So, why wait? Embrace the spirit of spring and elevate beauty with Classic Lash extensions today!