Christmas Lash Extensions Fit For A Festive Lash Salon

We wait for the Christmas season to arrive with anticipation and as soon as it does, it flies by quicker than Santa Claus in his sleigh. To make your festive season extra special and create some holiday magic in your lash salon this year, we have designed the perfect holiday Christmas eyelash extensions. These designs are fit for any festive occasion, from a Christmas office party to a visit to Santa’s Grotto, your clients will be beaming with holiday cheer when you present these stunning yuletide lash extensions.

Christmas Wreath Decoration

🍭Candy Cane Lashes🍭

Inspired by 2023’s hottest trend in eyelash extensions, Manga Lashes, our specially designed Candy Cane Lashes take on a fresh and sweet twist. Using Red and White/Silver lash extensions, this design is simple to achieve but packs an effective punch. To fully grasp how to create Manga Lashes, check out our dedicated blog, or for a quick refresher.

For best results, you want to divide the client’s natural lashes into layers. Pull back their lashes using a little Micropore Tape and begin lashing the bottom layer using White lash extensions. Feel free to create fans in your client’s desired density after assessing their lashes. You want to create the bottom layer using a wispy effect using your shortest lengths ranging from 6 - 10mm.

For the middle layer, create narrow fans ranging from 8 - 12mm in length. Make sure to cover the client’s lashes evenly so that the gradient from White to Red lashes looks seamless. 

Finally, for the top layer of lashes you will need some Primer and a Micro Fibre Brush to create closed spikes using Red lash extensions (feel free to choose a different shade of Red). Your spikes will be the longest extensions you use for this lash set, ranging from 10 - 14mm. Make sure you spread out the lash spikes evenly and proportionately to your client’s eye shape – remember that even though you are creating a Manga Lash Style, you can still create a shape that will complement each client’s face and eye shape.

Christmas Candy Cane Manga Lash Extensions

🦌Rudolph Lashes🦌

Using Black/Brown and Red Mayfair eyelash extensions, Rudolph Lashes follows the Kim K lash style. That’s right – this wispy lash style is making a comeback, and this time it’s festive. For our special Christmas twist on these already bold lashes, we are utilising our beautiful Black/Brown London Lash range to create a very dramatic holiday look with a pop of colour. While it’s perfect for clients with brown or fair lashes, the Rudolph Lashes will look just as eye-catching on any client.

For this lash style you will be working with lashes ranging from 9 - 12mm in length, starting with the shortest in the inner corner and working up to the longest in the middle before dropping down again. For the first two thirds of your client’s lashes you will use Black/Brown lashes to create a wispy finish throughout, adding evenly spaced out spikes in the middle layers of the lashes.

For the last third of your client’s lashes, use Red lash extensions inspired by Rudolph’s bright and shiny nose. Working down from your longest lengths, create wispy fans in 10 - 11mm with spikes in the outer corners. Feel free to use a different shade of Red for the spikes in the middle layer to give your festive Kim K lash style an extra pop of detail.

Christmas Rudolph Eyelash Extensions Map

😇Snow Angel Lashes😇

The perfect angelic lash set for clients who are looking for something light but bold. Snow Angel Lashes follow an Angel Lash style, which has proven to be one of this year’s trendiest lash sets which is why we’ve decided to give Angel Lashes a twist, giving them the most angelic, wintery re-design fit for any client celebrating the festive season.

Snow Angel Lashes have a mixture of White, Blue and Glitter lash extensions in lengths varying from 7 - 11mm. For the ultimate guide to Angel Lashes make sure to read our blog which dives into all the details of this lash style.

Begin by lashing your client’s inner corners using your shortest lengths of White lashes, building up gradually by alternating wispy fans and short lengths. We recommend keeping the lash fans between 2 - 4D for a fluffy lightweight effect. 

In the middle to the outer corner of the lash line, you can incorporate glitter lashes, and transition from White to Blue eyelash extensions. To create glitter lashes, check out our easy to follow blog post. For a seamless transition, add silver glitter to some White lashes before dropping down 1mm to your Blue lash fans, alternating and adding glitter to your Blue lashes too. This will create a seamless colour transition and keep the eyelash set lightweight and wispy.

Christmas Snow Angel Eyelash Extensions

🎄Christmas Tree Lashes🎄

Nothing says Christmas like a festive version of a Squirrel lash map, which is why our Christmas Tree Lashes follow one of the lash world’s most iconic styles. Resembling the shape of the tip of a Christmas tree, this lash design incorporates glitter lash extension tips for extra sparkle and festive fun. The ideal set for subtlety with a bang. Using Dark Green eyelash extensions, you will achieve a seamless blend between your client’s natural lashes into this festive pine pop of colour.

Assuming you have created a Squirrel lash style many times, simply follow your usual steps. If you haven’t, check out this post. Using your Lash Mapping Pen, draw your map on your client’s Eyepatches and lash away. With lengths ranging from 6 - 12mm, use Dark Green Mayfair eyelash extensions to create the perfect Christmas Tree inspired lashes. Build up from your shortest lashes to the longest when you reach the last third of the client’s lash line, then drop down 1mm at a time for the outer corner. For an added touch of Christmas flare, create Glitter volume fans by adding a touch of Gold or Silver glitter only to the tips of your fans. Attach these glitter fans to the middle layer of the lash set for an effect which resembles sparkling decorations on a Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Squirrel Lash Map

🎅🏻Santa Lashes🎅🏻

We cannot forget the gift that keeps on giving – Santa Claus himself. Using our Eyeliner Effect lash style, Santa Lashes are designed to resemble the quintessential Santa Claus colours, black, red, and white. From his black leather boots, his velvet red suit, to the fluffy white trimmings of his iconic hat. Fit for a Christmas lover who adores big fluffy eyelashes, our Santa Lash set will create a bold eyeliner effect which is eye-catching and dramatic.

Working in layers, use Black, Red, and White eyelash extensions to create fluffy volume fans ranging from 7 - 13mm. With this lash style, feel free to go as bold as your client desires. If your client is daring enough to seek Mega Volume lashes, don’t forget your Mega Volume Tweezers to help you create those stunning dense fans in multiple volume fanning techniques without any issues. While the majority of this design utilises Black lash extensions, the last quarter must transition seamlessly when layering your coloured extensions. For your bottom layer use White lashes ranging from 9 - 11mm which will blend seamlessly into the top layer of bold Red lashes ranging from 11 - 13mm. This way, you will achieve a blended look with amazing colour. 

Christmas Santa Lashes Using Eyeliner Effect Lash Map

We hope to see some of our amazing Christmas inspired lash sets on your clients soon, so don’t forget to tag us on our Instagram - @london_lash_eu to show off your creativity this festive season. Adding colour and sparkle to eyelash extensions is always an amazing way to boost interest to your lash salon, so don’t fear coloured lash extensions. Open up the gift of spreading cheer through lash extensions this Christmas.