False Eyelashes Over Lash Extensions

As a Lash Technician, you may often be met with the question,  "Can I wear false lashes over my eyelash extensions?" This query arises when clients are seeking extra volume or length for a special occasion, or perhaps desire a more dramatic look than their extensions alone provide. This is why consulting with your client is important as most (first time) clients don’t tend to understand the lengths and density of lashes and may be potentially disappointed by the final results. Feel free to show your clients examples such as styles, lengths and density of lash sets so they can make an informed decision. Here's a helpful and detailed guide to address these common concerns over false lashes and eyelash extensions.

Manga Lashes GIF on a London Lash Client

Understanding Eyelash Extensions

Before delving into the specifics, it’s crucial to understand the nature of eyelash extensions. London Lash Eyelash Extensions are individual lashes, made from hypoallergenic synthetic fibres which are then attached to the natural lashes using a semi-permanent Lash Glue. They are designed to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. Extensions should last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes, typically six to eight weeks. Proper aftercare and maintenance using products such as Lash Shampoo ensures the longevity, health and beauty of the extensions.

Correct Dipping Lash Extensions Into Glue Technique

Potential Risks

Wearing false eyelashes over extensions can present several risks. The most significant is the potential for damage to the natural lashes. False lashes require adhesive, and applying additional glue to extensions can cause a clumpy, uneven appearance and increased strain and weight on the natural lashes, this is particularly dangerous for clients with already weak or brittle natural lashes. This can lead to breakage, premature shedding, and even lash loss.

The removal process of false lashes can also cause issues. It typically involves pulling or tugging at the lash strip, and sometimes if not careful, the natural lashes too. This process can loosen or remove the extensions, causing more damage to the natural lashes as it will tug on the strong adhesive and potentially uproot the natural lash along with the extension. Additionally, frequent application and removal of false lashes over extensions can cause the extensions to become untidy and lose their aesthetic appeal making it exceptionally difficult to maintain and clean.

Consider the Alternatives

Before your clients choose to wear false lashes over their extensions, it’s worth considering alternative options for achieving a fuller, more dramatic look. Encourage clients to opt for a volume set of extensions, which involves applying multiple lightweight lash fans to each natural lash. This method creates a fluffy, dense appearance without the need for additional false lashes. Another alternative is hybrid extensions, a combination of Classic and Volume lash extensions, offering a balanced, textured look.

As falsies tend to have different styles on the lash strip, if your client is looking for texture, a wispy lash effect or even a lifting effect, discuss the ultimate desired look your client wants to achieve. With eyelash extensions mapping a lash style has never been easier. Today there are many different lash styles for eyelash extensions which rival the looks of false lashes, from Manga Lashes to Angel Lashes and even a wispy Barbie Lashes set, trendy new looks are always popping up so your client never has to go to the extremes again. Always check out our Blog Post section for new and inspiring lash looks.

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Communicate with Clients

As a Lash Tech, maintaining open and clear communication with your clients is paramount. Make sure your clients understand the potential risks and drawbacks of wearing false lashes over their extensions. The lash glue for false lashes is formulated differently to Glue for eyelash extensions, therefore it can become a messy and difficult to remove process for your clients at home, which can lead to damage and in extreme circumstances permanent lash loss. Educate them on proper aftercare to maintain the longevity and health of their extensions and natural lashes, feel free to give them a trusty Aftercare Leaflet after treatment. 


In essence, while it is technically possible to wear false lashes over eyelash extensions, it's generally not recommended due to the risk of damage to the natural lashes and extensions. It's always better to choose the right type of extensions that will achieve the desired look without compromising lash health. Encourage your clients to consult with you for personalised lash solutions, ensuring they leave your salon with beautiful, healthy, and long-lasting extensions.