DIY Henna Brows: Why They’re a No-Go

In the beauty world, henna brows have become a game-changer, offering a natural, long-lasting solution for stunning, fuller-looking eyebrows. However, as the trend gains traction, many are tempted to try DIY henna brows at home by completely bypassing the trained professional, often overlooking the risks and complexities involved. In this blog, we'll delve into why professional henna brow treatments by Brow Techs are crucial and why DIY attempts can be more harmful than beneficial.

Henna brows

The Risks of DIY Henna Brows

  1. Skin Irritation and Allergic Reactions

Attempting DIY henna brows can lead to severe skin irritation or allergic reactions. Professional Brow Technicians use high-quality, tested products and conduct mandatory patch tests to ensure safety. Professional henna has small amounts of PPD for which a patch test is necessary. At home, you might unknowingly use substandard henna with other untested chemicals, or fail to test for allergies, posing significant risks.

  1. Uneven and Unsatisfactory Results

Achieving the perfect brow shape and colour requires skill and experience. Brow Techs are professionally trained and understand the art of brow mapping and therefore, they can tailor the treatment to your face shape and desired outcome. They are also trained to assess the skin and hair to make a decision on the development time. DIY attempts often result in uneven, asymmetrical, or overly dark brows, far from the desired natural effect.

  1. Long-term Damage to Brow Hairs

Professional-grade henna used in salons, such as our So Henna range, is gentle and nourishing for your brows. In contrast, low-quality henna, incorrect application, or over-processing at home can lead to hair brittleness and breakage, jeopardising your natural brow health. Whilst henna brows are a natural and largely gentle treatment, the components can be extremely drying if used incorrectly and can affect both the brow hair and the skin around it.

  1. Potential for Incorrect Application

Henna application is a precise art. Professionals are trained to apply henna evenly and accurately. This is why clients will see Techs using White Paste to map the brow shape, Gentle Wax for removing stray hairs and of course, professional tools like Brushes for precise application. Inexperienced DIY applications can lead to staining the skin around your brows or uneven colour, which can be challenging to correct. 

So Henna application

  1. Difficulty in Removal

Once applied, henna stains the skin for weeks. If you make a mistake in a DIY henna brow application, correcting it is not as simple as wiping it off. Professionals know how to rectify mistakes immediately and effectively.

  1. Misjudgment of Product Quality

The market is flooded with various henna products, and not all are created equal. Professional salons use premium, safe, and skin-friendly henna which is also cruelty-free and vegan, while alternative DIY kits might contain harmful chemicals or additives.

The Benefits of Professional Henna Brow Treatments

We always recommend getting your henna brows done by a professional Brow Technician. They are qualified and will have received extensive training in the treatment process and have the expertise to ensure that your henna brows look natural, symmetrical, and suit your face. Their precision in application guarantees stunning results.

DIY henna brows

Salons also prioritise the use of high-quality, safe henna products, minimising the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions. Plus, the environment is sterile, reducing the risk of infection. Aside from the potential risks involved, visiting a professional for your henna brow treatment means you can relax and enjoy the pampering experience without the stress and mess of a DIY attempt.

While DIY beauty treatments can be tempting for a variety of reasons, henna brows are a delicate art best left to the professionals. The risks associated with DIY henna brows – from skin irritation to uneven results – are significant. By choosing a professional henna brow service, you ensure safety, quality, and stunning, natural-looking brows.