The Wet Look Lash Guide is Finally Here!

Getting a set of lash extensions is always a fun and exciting process for clients. But, admittedly, most clients know only the usual styles of eyelash sets, Dolly, Cat Eye and Squirrel, and even then, new clients will only ask for a Cat Eye more often than not! As a Lash Technician, you can always offer new services for your clients seeking new trends or something fun and exciting. Why not offer Wet Look Lash extensions? In this article, we will discuss how to map and apply Wet Look lash extensions and give you all the tips and tools you’ll need to offer a trendy eyelash set for your bold and daring customers.

What Are Wet Look Lashes?

Wet Look lashes have been trending in the lash world for some time, they’re a brilliant version of Wispy Lashes perfect for clients who love texture, volume and length. These eyelashes are unlike most sets, as the texture of the Wet Lashes comes from the spikes you create using closed and narrow Volume fans. Working in layers, the wispy and spiky fans create bold, dense and voluminous texture to give the perfect set which looks similar to our natural eyelashes when they are wet, hence the name. 

London Lash Wet Look Lashes Set

Which Products and Tools You Should Use?

For Wet Look lashes you will definitely need Primer and Microbrushes. Apply Primer on a microbrush and lightly brush through the tips of the lash extensions on the strip you’re using, this will keep the tips together making it much easier to pick them up in spikes. You should be careful not to use too much Primer, especially around the base of the lash extensions as this could cause the glue to shock polymerise, causing retention issues.

For this look, we recommend you use finer Volume eyelash extensions than you would to create open fans. This is because the weight of spikes is not as evenly distributed as it would be for open lash fans, and you may notice a drooping effect on the natural lashes if the extensions are too heavy, so going lighter would be your best choice, using Mega Volume Mayfair Lashes 0.05 or 3D Premade Mayfair Fans in 0.07 are our top picks.

London Lash Mayfair Volume Lash Strip and Lash Glue Dipping GIF

- P.S. If you want to save even more time lashing, use our Premade Lash Spikes, not only are they perfect for when you're in a rush, but it will save you product and disposable tools in the long run too.

Mapping a Lash Extensions Wet Look Set

The Wet Look can be applied in any of the usual mapping styles of Dolly, Cat, Squirrel  and anything in between, the technique is to work with layers and texture to create the desired effect while the spikes provide a lifted finish, a Squirrel lash map is always perfectly suitable for the Wet Look as it gives a very uniform wispy lash outcome which is always satisfying, and is also complementary on the vast majority of clients.

How to Easily Work With Layers

Starting from the bottom layer, take a piece of Micropore Tape and use it to lift all the lashes back, fixing the tape to the upper eyelid. Taking a pair of Isolation Tweezers, pull out the bottom layer of lashes. Begin your application on this layer but make sure to follow your shorter map lengths. Once this layer is covered, apply a little Superbonder to the bonds of the lash glue ensuring the glue is completely dry to avoid any stickies.

London Lash Wet Look Lashes Map for Lash Extensions

Once you have finished the bottom layer, take your isolation tweezers and free the middle layer of eyelashes. If clients have more than three layers of eyelashes, treat the middle layer as the middle two as this will add more density and it will also make the spikes on the top layer stand out. For the middle layer, add spikes which are 1 mm longer than the spikes you used on the bottom layer. For clients with sparse eyelashes, apply some open fans in the middle layer to close the gaps.

For the final layer, you can finally get rid of the tape. Here, you can either apply spikes that are 1 mm longer than that of the middle layer, or you can use the same lengths depending on your desired finish and texture. Once you’re done with the application, apply Superbonder on all the glue bonds and give the lashes a brush through making sure to look out for any stickies.

Wet Look Lashes Map from London Lash EU

Who Can Wear Wet Look Lash Extensions?

Wet Look lashes are absolutely perfect for any client who loves the usual lash map styles but desires something new and bold. This look will give your clients texture and density with a wispy lash finish. This lash set is currently so trendy that it goes without saying that Wet Look lash extensions are a hot summer must have, and for those who don’t want to dip into the pool or the ocean during a vacation, the Wet Look will give off that wet lash effect without the trouble of going into the water. 

Needless to say, the set is lifting and eye opening for clients who have smaller eyes or whose natural lashes grow downwards. The textured finish of the spikes will not only frame the eyes nicely but it will lift the full eye creating a complete difference in the client’s look from their naturally downward growing lashes.