Why Choose So Henna? Everything You Need to Know About So Henna Products 

Like with any beauty treatment, there are many brands and products to choose from. It’s always a good idea to do your research and pick a brand based on both your and your client’s needs. We created So Henna when henna brows started taking off as we saw a market that needed innovating and improving. Let's have a look at what is so amazing about So Henna and why should you choose it as the brand you use in your salon?

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Why Choose So Henna?

Our So Henna range is derived from plants making it a more gentle alternative to traditional tinting products (please note brow henna contains a very small amount of PPD so patch testing is still required). It is also cruelty-free and vegan making it a planet-friendly choice. 

As brow henna started to become increasingly popular, we noticed that a lot of the products still had the traditional warmth that henna was characterised by, which put a lot of brow techs off. Most brow clients prefer cool-toned colours on their brows and don’t want that orange look that classic brow henna gave. This is exactly why we developed So Henna! We focused on curating a shade range that had cooler undertones than the rest of the products on the market making it a much more favourable choice for people wanting henna brows. The So Henna range is extensive with eight shades, two of which are our mixing shades used to cool down or add warmth to your tone. All of the So Henna powders can be used alone or mixed together to create a bespoke henna brow shade for your client. We don’t recommend using the mixing shades, ‘Espresso’ or ‘Sweetener’ on their own as they can look too harsh. 

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How to Use So Henna

Always start by cleansing the brows with a foam cleanser, and then using a gentle scrub to exfoliate the brows and remove any dead skin.

Once you’ve done your client consultation, and decided on the perfect colour, you’re ready to mix. Our So Henna powders simply need to be mixed with distilled water and then they’re ready to apply! Getting the consistency of the mixture right is really important as this will make or break your results. You want to get a honey-like texture with a glossy finish. Whilst it is possible to mix your brow henna by hand, we advise that you use a mixing tool as this is the best way to ensure your So Henna powder is mixed thoroughly. You can adjust the consistency of your mixture depending on the desired results; a thicker consistency will develop darker and vice versa. Have a read of this article for the complete guide on how to mix So Henna powder for the best results. 

Now you’re ready to apply your So Henna! Everyone has their own preferred method of application, however, we always recommend using an angled brush. Once your brow henna is applied, it’s simply a waiting game! Wait between 10-20 minutes depending on how you want the brows to look, then remove! For a full  step-by-step click here.

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So Henna Best-Sellers

Now you know why you should choose So Henna as your brow henna brand, it would be rude not to tell you our best-sellers! 

So Henna Powder (Shade Hot Chocolate) - Our best-selling henna powder shade is none other than Hot Chocolate! This colour is a perfectly rich, dark brown and gives a dark stain on the hair as well as a dark stain on the skin.

Foam Cleanser -The foam cleanser is a staple for all brow techs! It can also be used on lashes so it’s 2-in-1!

So Henna Brow Oil -Brow oil is essential when it comes to henna brows aftercare and should be applied at the end of every treatment. We also sell it in small bottles that are perfect for your clients to take home and are a great way to up-sell!

So Henna Brush No.3 -The most popular of the So Henna Brow Brush range is number three. This dense angled brush is a must-have for precise and thorough brow henna applications.                

Image of So Henna best-sellers for henna brows
We know you’ll love So Henna as much as we do. Why not try our starter kit to see for yourself? If you have any questions, feel free to send us a DM at@sohenna_official.