A Deep Dive Into The London Lash Retention DUO Bundle

When it comes to lash extensions, clients are not only looking for a beautiful and uniform lash set, just as importantly, they want long lasting extensions. No client wants to leave your beauty salon with the perfect eyelash extensions, only for them to prematurely shed a few days into their wear. While important factors such as thorough cleaning, placement, the best lash glue and aftercare all play a role in the retention of your client’s extensions, using specially formulated products such as our Retention DUO will actively promote longevity as an added bonus to your client’s treatment. Let’s take a dive deep into how our Booster and Superbonder liquids play a vital part in prolonging your lash extensions retention.


The London Lash Retention and Speed Booster is formulated to create a larger surface area on your client’s natural lashes for the Lash Glue to adhere to. Booster has an alkaline pH, and therefore gently opens up the hair cuticle ever so slightly, and creates a larger surface area for the glue to bond with, forming a stronger bond between the extension and natural lash.

Booster is best used as the final step in our 5-Step Pretreatment routine, all of which you can read about in our thorough deep dive in this blog post. After cleaning the natural lashes to pristine condition, Booster is applied with a Micro Brush or a Cleansing Brush Applicator, focusing on the glue attachment zone. 

Applying Booster to Lashes GIF

Not only does Booster promote retention but it also speeds up your glue’s attachment time by making the lashes almost magnetic to the glue and extensions. This means that you can save time on lashing in the long run, but you should consider that due to the nature of Booster speeding up the drying time of eyelash glue, we recommend its use for more experienced Lash Artists who are confident in fast application.

Infographic On The Benefits of Booster

But that’s not all…

Bonus Booster

As well as speeding up your glue’s drying time and promoting longer retention times, Booster has a third use, if you've ever experienced the frustration of creating a perfect volume lash fan, only to have it close into a spike when you apply it to the natural lash and let go of it, then Booster is the solution you've been looking for. Apply a drop to a Micro Fibre Brush and dab off the excess, then apply it directly to the strip of lash extensions to prevent the glue from creeping up the fan and causing it to close prematurely.

TOP TIP: if you’re still finding that your fans close after you let them go in spite of using Booster, it could be that you’re dipping your fan base too far into your glue drop.

Booster On Lash Strip GIF

You can reapply Booster during the lash application if needed, but note that It's essential to use Booster sparingly, as saturating the strip can lead to issues with your lashes coming away from the strip. 

The final thing to consider is that this technique should not be used on the strips of Easy Fanning Lashes as they are bonded with a small amount of glue, which Booster causes to become tacky, making the lashes almost impossible to work with. You also don’t need to use Booster with Premade Volume Fans, as there is no danger of them closing after being placed.

Superbonder Sealant 

While Booster is part of your Pretreatment process, Superbonder Sealant is applied at the end of your lash set as part of your finishing touches. Once you have checked for any stickies and you’re happy with the final results, use a Mini Cooli Lash Fan on your client’s lashes for a cooling and refreshing blast of air before applying Superbonder along the glue bonds using a Micro Brush.

Superbonder cures all glue bonds immediately, adding elasticity to the lash glue making sure the glue does not become brittle and shed prematurely. This means that because the glue is cured in an instant, your clients will not have to wait the suggested 24 hours before they can get their lash set wet. Furthermore, by sealing the glue, all lash glue fumes are locked in, meaning a reduced risk of any irritation or allergic reaction. You can read an in depth guide on Superbonder Sealant and how to use it in this featured blog.

Benefits of Using Superbonder Sealant


While you can purchase Booster and Superbonder separately, opting for the Retention DUO means that you save 30% on the total cost for each, making it the ideal bundle to use if you want your clients to be impressed with long lasting results, whilst also protecting your profit margins. Alternatively, if you are someone who is gaining experience at a rapid rate, but you’ve never used Booster while lashing, you can purchase a Sample of Booster and/or Superbonder and practise without splashing out on a full size bottle. Once you’re fully confident in creating lashes quickly and improving their longevity, the Retention DUO is the bundle your eyelash extension kit cannot go without.

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