A Deep Dive Into Our Classic Lash Set Medium Kit

Many beginner Lash Artists will visit our website and not know where to start when it comes to shopping for their eyelash extension products. There’s a lot of options, a lot of information and a lot of variations, so for a beginner who is looking to get started with Classic Lash Extensions then a kit curated specifically for their needs is a perfect way to explore every essential we think a beginner would benefit from.

However, do not confuse the Medium Eyelash Extension Kit with our Pro Kit, this kit is specially created for beginners just finishing their Classic Lashes Courses and are ready to explore a kit with all the goodies and essentials in one box.

London Lash Medium Classic Lashes Kit for Lash Technicians

Why Is This Lash Extension Kit For Me?

Well let’s dive into answering this question. Our medium kit is the ideal lash extension starter kit for any Lash Tech just finishing any Classic Lashes courses and isn’t sure of which products they should purchase. At London Lash we have a range of products and collections such as Lash Glues, Eyelash Extensions, Tweezers and so on, some of these products have been specifically developed for Lash Artists of different experience levels. For example, we have slower drying glues and faster drying glues, if you’re a beginner Lash Artist only just getting used to isolating natural lashes, picking up lash extensions and placing them on after dipping into the eyelash glue, this may take you longer than someone with years of experience. In that case, your lash glue should not dry out quicker than you can place the lash extension in its place, hence why we have developed different types of lash adhesives and other eyelash essential products which suit everyone depending on their level of experience. At London Lash we want to accommodate you throughout your journey as a Lash Tech so the more experienced you become, you can develop your skills in the future with a wider range of our products.

The Medium Classic Eyelash Extension Kit is specially curated to save you the time and effort learning about every single product you will need as a beginner. Once you become experienced with our products you can explore the different collections we have and you won’t be apprehensive to make a mistake in a wrongful purchase, all of our products have a section of information and explain the level of experience suitable for their use. This perfect professional lash extension kit is like your beginner introduction to a world of lash extensions products and as we take pride in educating our clients we believe it is the ideal kit to give you the most benefits but also allow you to learn from any mistakes and successes without investing a fortune. 

What Is In The Medium Classic Lashes Kit?

If you purchased every item in this kit individually, you’d be paying more than over €270, so not only are you saving yourself some time by choosing a kit, you’re saving some money too! We believe that you and your clients deserve the best quality, so we have made our kits as affordable and accessible for all new Lash Techs in search of their essential tools and products. Did you know we also offer Klarna at the checkout, so you can even spread the cost of your purchase?

This kit includes your second pair of hands: lash tweezers. Curved and Straight Tweezers, two of our most popular tweezers and favourites among the lash community. Our products are developed by Lash Techs for Lash Techs and every single one of our specially developed tweezers is approved for lash extension use by a professional Lash Artist. In this kit you will also find our Glue Remover for Tweezers, remove any residue glue with ease and your tools will be good as new.

When it comes to lash extensions we have included our Chelsea Lash Mix Tray in 0.15 CC Curl and the Matt Ellipse Flat Lashes Mix Tray in 0.20 CC Curl. These lash extensions are ideal for any beginner to learn Classic Lashes, placing these individual lashes will become like second nature for you. With the different lengths of lashes in these mixed trays you can create and practise various looks and maps while you’re still learning while you also learn about the different ranges of lash extensions. Ellipse Flat Lashes weigh much less than regular Chelsea Classic Lashes, while a Chelsea Lash Extension is round, the Flat Lashes are, well, flat. They are designed for Classic Lashes suitable for clients whose natural lashes are weaker as they weigh much less. It’s essential for a beginner to learn lashing a variety of clients and which products are most suitable for them.

For your eyelash pretreatment we have included our tried, tested and most loved three-step pretreatment routine. Before you lash any client, you want a clean and primed lash line. Before you lash any client, you want a clean and primed lash line. We have included Protein Removing Pads, Cleanser and Primer along with 100 Microfibre Brushes and 50 Cleansing Brushes. Dabbing a Microfibre Brush on a Protein Removing Pad will absorb the product allowing you a deeper clean on the lash line and removing any imperfections, but these pads should also be used to cleanse the lashes and the skin around the eyes, helping the eyepatches to stay in place. Cleanser will cleanse away any oils and dirt while the Primer re-introduces essential moisture to the lashes which the lash glue needs to create perfect retention. For a beginner, these products will give you a basic but thorough pretreatment procedure ideal for you to learn how to clean and prime your client’s lashes.

London Lash Pretreatment cleanser and Protein Removing Pads for lash Extensions

As we mentioned before, we have a wide range of lash glues and we firmly believe that you should learn with a slower drying glue to begin with – trust us, you won’t feel that it is ‘slow’. We have included our original Lady Bond lash adhesive as your beginner glue with a drying time of 1-2 seconds. This glue will be your teacher and confidence booster throughout your journey. To help you keep a clean workstation your kit includes a black Jade Stone and 24 Glue Stickers to cover your Jade stone, making cleaning up super quick and easy. Simply dispense a drop of glue on your Jade stone and you’re good to go, just remember that you’ll need to dispense a new drop of glue every 20 minutes or so throughout your treatment.

And finally, what would a Lash Tech be without Eyepatches and tape. The Medium kit features 10 treatments of Nano-Hydrogel Eyepatches and 3m Surgical Tape to secure lashes or draw your lash maps on during procedures. You will find a Lash Mapping Pen is also provided. And as all lash extensions must come off eventually our Cream Glue Remover is a must. With our Cream Glue Remover you will find 25 disposable Mascara Wands which you can use for removing lash glue and extensions or brushing through a finished lash set at the end of the initial application treatment. 

But actually, that’s not all, as a little thank you gift, we would like you to have our samples of Satin Bond lash glue and Superbonder Sealant so you can try them out too. Satin Bond has a more gradual drying time than Lady Bond, so you might find it’s a better fit for you if you’re finding that Lady Bond is a little bit too quick in the beginning. Superbonder is an excellent and innovative product which cures lash glue bonds instantly, once it's brushed through the lash line at the end of your treatment. This way, your clients don’t have to avoid water around their eyes and glue fumes are locked in, preventing any irritation or chemical burns.


So there you have it, the ultimate guide to our Medium Classic Lash Extensions Kits, the ideal lash extension training kit for any beginner ready to set off on their journey as a Lash Artist after completing their Classic training course. For more information and tips on how to use our products with extensive guides on how to optimise them, be sure to follow our education Blogs here

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