Eyelash Extensions Can Boost Client Confidence

It’s not everyday someone can say they have positively affected someone’s day. As a Lash Technician that is your job, and more often than not it is very rewarding and important. You provide a service which beautifies your clients and creates a positive outcome which gives them confidence. Eyelash extensions can feel a little daunting, especially for first time clients, but the stunning outcome is always a special moment when you’ve spent hours creating an intricate set for someone.

Confidence Booster

As stated above, a gorgeous lash set can boost your client’s confidence tenfold, this can be especially true for those customers who have very fine and sparse natural eyelashes. Don’t forget, consulting with your clients and creating a very welcoming atmosphere can be very relaxing and therapeutic, it’s all about the full experience beginning to end. 

Regardless of the state of your client’s natural eyelashes you should always listen to what they really want from their lash set. Of course, it is important to attend to any issues they may want fixed, but most times clients simply want a beautifying and relaxing treatment. After all, you may consult on the reason they want to have their lashes done and tailor the look a little based on that if the lashes are for a special occasion, vacation or to simply add volume to their natural lashes. With a beautiful lash set, the eyes speak without having to say any words. An eye-opening set can be attention grabbing and head turning, boosting your client's confidence tenfold.

Tried and Tested Lash Styles

There will be many consultations where clients come for a consultation and don’t know the names or shapes of lash styles which they want or think will suit them best. It’s always helpful to have a good arsenal of ‘go-to’ lash sets which you can recommend based on their desires. Let’s talk you through some of the most popular lash styles clients are asking for at the moment and give you a little insight into how to map and create the very best set.

Dolly Lashes

A beautiful and simple lash style with a huge impact. Dolly lashes open up the client’s eyes making them look bigger and more open, and gives a lifting effect. This style creates a great sense of symmetry to the client’s eyes so always make sure you’re lashing consistently from eye to eye. Simply put, follow the Dolly lash map you have drawn on the Eyepatches and alternate between eyes so that you make sure you’re following the lash map accurately to create the perfect symmetry. Read more about mapping Dolly lashes here.

Dolly Eyelash Extensions Map from London Lash


A Cat-Eye lash set is perfect for clients with rounded or bulbous eyes as it will soften the client’s eyes, creating a very flattering shape and adding the desired lift to the eyes on the outer corners. Using M Curl or L Curl lashes will create an even more fierce lifting effect which will impress your clients and without doubt screams ‘Cat-Eye’. While this style is one of the most sought after and referenced when it comes to clients, it doesn’t always suit everyone, as it can create the illusion of the eyes being further apart, or can make the eyes look sad if you don’t properly consider the lash curl that you’ll be using. Remember to always consult with and make sure your clients understand this so that they’re happy with their lash set at the end of their treatment. Not sure how to map a cat eye? Check out this blog post on how to map a Cat-Eye.

Cat Eye Lash Extensions Map from London Lash

Angel Lashes

One of the most popular new wispy lashes variations that has been taking the eyelash extensions world by storm is Angel Lashes. Angel lashes are a style for clients who desire a natural lash set with a touch of wispy texture. Similar to their name, they give an angelic and fluttery appearance but sit naturally on the eye without creating too much drama. It’s the perfect blend of natural subtlety and boldness, which is doubtless why clients are loving it. For an extra pop of fun, don’t be afraid to add an angelic touch of Silver Lashes to the outer corners, simply create some spikes using Primer and blend well with the rest of the lashes. Read about Angel lashes in full here.

Angel Lashes Map from London Lash

Wet Look Lashes

Wet Look Lashes are the predecessors of Angel Lashes. They are all about creating bold texture in your lash sets by using closed fans, and playing around with how you apply the lengths to the different layers of the lashes. While in a set of Angel Lashes you’d use closed 2D fans using 0.10 or even 0.07 lashes, with a wet look, you’ll be using 0.07 or 0.05 lashes to create closed 4D fans for loads of texture. For a bold and shiny finish, we recommend creating your wet look lashes with our Mayfair Faux Mink Lashes. If you want the full lowdown on wet look lashes, check out this blog post

Wet Look Lashes Map from London Lash


So there you go, some beautiful client favourites which will boost their confidence. Providing a relaxing, welcoming and therapeutic atmosphere will enrich their experience and regardless of which style of lashes they go for, your work and approach will speak for itself. Having this arsenal of ‘go-to’ styles, we can assure you that they will become some of your client’s new favourite lash sets. Don’t be afraid to explore our Blog Post section to find new lash styles and learn some new techniques which you can offer in your salon, opening your business to more potential clients seeking something different and confidence boosting, and don’t forget to post the final looks on your Instagram to show all those potential clients the broad range of looks they can come to you for