The Colourful Pride Flag Inspired Lash Maps

EuroPride has finally arrived and is taking Europe and host nation Malta by storm. It’s the time of year where your European LGBT clients want to celebrate festivities and do in style with unique and colourful looks. From rainbow outfits to Pride flag inspired eyeshadows, self expression is important and it doesn’t end there. When it comes to eyelash extensions, the boundaries are endless. We have compiled five colourful Pride lash maps for you to offer your customers this EuroPride season. Don’t be afraid to experiment with coloured lashes, these looks are bold and fierce and will instil confidence in your clients.

Look One - Rainbow Pride Flag - Natural w/ Spikes

The first look on our list celebrates the Rainbow Pride flag which we all know and love. This style incorporates a Natural lash map with spikes, creating a wispy lash effect. You will need Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple coloured lash extensions but we recommend you add a lighter shade of the corresponding colours as the spikes. A Natural lash map will suit masculine and feminine clients and is perfect for anyone who wants to add a pop of colour to their festivities. To create spikes, simply apply Primer to the tips of the lashes on the strip to make sure the 2 to 3 lash extensions you pull from the strip stay together when you pull them off from the strip. Then, dip in the Lash Glue and apply to the lashes.

London Lash Rainbow Pride Flag Lash Extensions Map

Look Two - Bi Flag - Cat Eye

This look is the classic Cat Eye style which elongates and creates a fierce lifting effect in the outer corners of the client’s eyes. While this look does not suit all clients, especially those with wide set eyes, it is one of the most sought after and popular lash extension styles ever. Using Pink, Purple and Blue coloured eyelash extensions you will create the perfect representation of the Bisexual Pride flag. Remember, if your client does not suit Cat Eye specifically, opt for Squirrel instead and keep to the same colour scheme. You can read more about Cat Eye mapping here.

London Lash Bisexual Pride Flag Lash Extensions Map

Look Three - Lesbian Flag - Natural

Similar to the Rainbow Pride flag Natural set, with the Lesbian Flag style you want to achieve a Natural lash style, except here you will not add any wispy lash spikes. Using Red, Orange, White, Pink and Purple coloured lashes you are creating a natural lash style with an explosion of eye-catching colour. Perfect for feminine or masculine clients, this lash design will suit and compliment any eyelash extension lover. Don’t be afraid to go longer or shorter with the lengths of the lashes depending on your client’s preference as you are looking to create a very consistent gradient of shorter lashes from the inner corners to longer lashes toward the outer corners and back down again.

London Lash Lesbian Pride Flag Lash Extensions Map

Look Four - Gay Flag - Manga

Using Green, White, Light and Dark Blue coloured eyelashes, you are looking to create a Nude lash style with accents of spikes to create the Manga lash effect.Manga lash extensions are characterised by longer, individual lash spikes that stand out against the shorter, feathery lashes. This unique positioning of the extensions is what helps to create the exaggerated cartoon style eye shape which manga and anime characters typically have. To create spikes simply follow the same steps for the Rainbow Flag lash style using Primer and a Micro Fibre Brush. This style is ideal for any client who wants a more Nude lash style with the pop of spikes to create a drama and exaggeration.

London Lash Gay Pride Flag Lash Extensions Map

Look Five - Trans Flag - Dolly

This style is universal. Dolly lash mapping is eye-catching and opens up the client’s eyes creating a rounded frame around the eyes and a very ‘doll-like’ eye look, hence the name. For the Transgender Pride flag, you want to use Light Blue, Light Pink and White or Silver eyelash extensions. Remember to keep the longest lengths in the middle of the lash line with each length going down 1 mm at a time to the inner and outer corners. This look will perfectly emphasise the client’s eyes and is suitable for almost any eye shape. Read more about Dolly mapping here.

London Lash Trans Pride Flag Lash Extensions Map

So there you have it, five fantastic and prideful coloured lash extension styles fit for any celebrating client. Whether they’re LGBT or an ally, these colourful bold eyelashes are bound to make a statement during the EuroPride season. Celebrating in style has never looked this good, so go out there and lash away with pride.

​​👁️ TOP TIPS 👁️

  • It’s always worth mixing and matching styles with the different LGBT Pride Flag styles. If a client is looking for Lesbian Flag colours but wants a Manga lash set, you can achieve the same effect by simply switching out the colours listed in the Gay Flag above. This will work for absolutely all of our examples.

  • If your client identifies under the Non-Binary umbrella, switch out the Rainbow Flag colours for the Non-Binary Flag colours (Yellow, White, Purple and Black) using the same mapping style. 

  • We always suggest using Crystal Bond eyelash glue for coloured lash extensions. This lash adhesive will dry clear meaning no black pigment will be seen from the rest of our carbon black lash glues. Your client will leave your salon with perfectly colourful lashes.

  • Looking for something a little more subtle? Use your regular black lash extensions and just add a few fans, spikes or classic lashes to the bottom layer, or as spikes.