Stock Up on Black Friday, But Don’t OVER Stock…

Black Friday is fast approaching, and it’s bringing some of the biggest discounts of the year on eyelash extension supplies. Exciting, right? It's totally understandable to want to stock up. But let's discuss why shouldn't over stock of certain items and why planning what you should buy is your best bet.

You see, every liquid product you use - Lash Glue, Glue Remover, Cleanser, you name it - has a shelf life. After a certain period, these products won't work as you’d expect them to. Imagine a Booster that doesn’t effectively open the hair cuticles or a Remover that's a clumpy mess. Worst case scenario? Your lash glue dries up inside the bottle and you need a last minute Rescue Kit – a true disaster!

So, how about we guide you through the lifespan of each product and how many you should consider buying? This way, you can fully utilise each one while still getting the best performance.

Eyelash Extension Glue

Let's talk about the big one first – Eyelash Extension Glue. Yes, it’s up for grabs at a huge discount this Black Friday. And don't worry, it’s totally fresh, we never sell older or expiring glues, all of our lash glues arrive at our warehouse completely fresh before being shipped out during the sales. But, before you go buying 10 bottles at a time (we've seen it happen), just remember that its unopened shelf life is 6 months and after opening, it's 6 - 8 weeks. We often find ourselves comforting Lash Techs by May because the glue they bought on Black Friday in November just isn’t working anymore. So, maybe buy as much as you can use within 4 instead of 6 months, just to be safe.

Shelf life unopened: 6 months

Shelf life from opening: 6 - 8 weeks

London Lash EU Eyelash Glue Collection

Foam Cleanser 

Lash Shampoo (or Foam Cleanser) has a pretty long shelf life and is available as individual units. The great thing about these is that you can use them in your Pretreatment routine or you can retail them to your clients. Why not pair it up as a duo with a Cleansing Brush fit for any client to take home after their lash set?

Shelf life unopened: 24 Months 

Shelf life from opening: 12 Months

Clean Lashes DUO Lash Shampoo and Cleansing Brush

Pretreatment for Eyelash Extensions

Pretreatment is essential for ensuring great retention, but they also have shelf lives. For instance, Protein Remover Pads last 24 months unopened and 6 months from opening. Unscented and Scented Cleansers have a shelf life of 18 months unopened, but after opening, the Unscented lasts for 6 months, while the Scented lasts for 8 months. Both Scented and Unscented Primers last 18 months unopened and 8 months from opening.

Don't forget about Boosters and Superbonders. Unopened, they’re good for 18 and 24 months respectively. From opening, you’ve got 3 months to use them up.

And for Gel and Cream Removers? The Gel Remover lasts 18 months unopened and 8 months from opening, whereas the Cream Remover lasts 12 months unopened and 6 months from opening.

But hey, it's not all shelf life stress. Feel free to stock up on items like Eyepatches, which have a shelf life of 3 years unopened and are single-use after opening. And how about items without an expiration, Eyelashes, Tweezers, and Storage Solutions? Go ahead and fill your carts with those at huge discount prices.

London Lash Extensions Kits

To sum it up, yes, Black Friday is a great time to stock up on your eyelash extension supplies, but just make sure you’re keeping that shelf life in mind. We want you to get the most out of each and every product. Make those lists in time and happy shopping.