Tips and Tricks to Optimise Your Lash Glue

Picture this, you’ve purchased your favourite lash glue from London Lash during our big Black Friday sale to stock up this winter, and you’ve used it on your clients for several days. The busy holiday period is coming up. Your bookings have stacked up and you’re short for time, but you’re doing your best to make sure everything runs smoothly. Unfortunately, if stored incorrectly, eyelash glue can cure around the glue nozzle, blocking any product from coming out. While this is pretty common and all you have to do is change it around for a Spare Nozzle, it can be messy, take time out of your treatment and in the worst case – if the struggle between you and the pesky glue nozzle becomes a battle – you end up spilling glue everywhere. Ultimately, that’s not an eventuality you want, so to save time, energy and cleaning up, we’re introducing our Glue Nozzle Opener among other London Lash favourites.

Airtight Container

Lash Glues can be very sensitive to the moisture in the air. While we always recommend that Lash Techs use Airtight Containers to store their favourite lash glues, not everyone has one. This means that the glue is susceptible to humidity changes, especially as the winter nights get colder.  The additional humidity that winter brings can also cause your lash glue to polymerise inside the bottle, particularly when the temperature begins to drop in the winter.

Airtight Container for Eyelash Adhesive

While this isn’t an issue that happens to every single glue bottle as it depends on storage, environmental conditions, and how regularly you open the bottle, it is something that you need to try to avoid. If your lid isn’t screwed on tightly and as soon as the glue has been dispensed, residue can harden around the nozzle, making it difficult to open the cap and dispense the product. 

Using an Airtight Glue Container can mediate this issue simply by keeping moisture out of your glue bottle, though you should still ensure that your nozzle is kept clean by wiping away any excess glue with a Nozzle Wipe, and your lid is screwed on tightly after use.

Glue Rescue Kit

We’re sure you’ve heard of this favourite before, the Rescue Kit is by far one of the quickest and easiest ways to rescue your glue from a nightmare. If not stored correctly your glue nozzle may become hardened and stuck, leading to issues with dispensing the product. Enter the kit which comes with a spare glue cap, glue nozzle and an unblocking pin. Each one of these little time savers can help you keep a smooth schedule. If you find yourself with a stuck glue cap, remove it and insert a new one. If it’s a blocked nozzle, unblock it with the piercing pin. If all else fails, swap the nozzle for a completely fresh one, and pair it with a brand new lid too.

After all, the glue rescue kit comes in handy when worst comes to worst, but to avoid all of these issues, always make sure you’re wiping any excess glue with a biodegradable Glue Nozzle Wipe after every use to avoid any blockages or issues.

Lash Glue Rescue Kit

Glue Nozzle Opener

If you find changing your glue nozzle to be a messy task, the good news is that there’ll be no more getting caught in sticky situations. To use the Glue Nozzle Opener, all you have to do is find the correct size hole for your nozzle, twist around the edge and lift the stuck nozzle gently. Remember to wipe away any left over lash glue with a biodegradable Nozzle Wipe and replace the nozzle with a fresh one. 

It’s just that quick and easy. Never again will you need to use tweezers or scissors to pry open the nozzle, making it a faster, safer and cleaner task than ever before. 

Glue Nozzle Opener for Eyelash Adhesive Bottles

TOP TIP - Don’t forget your trusted Glue Shaker making your job easier by mixing all of your lash glue’s ingredients together in seconds. No more sore wrists while you’re performing your lash treatments, and no more glue getting into the nozzle while you’re shaking. The glue shaker is the perfect accessory to keep your glue mixed perfectly, helping it to work flawlessly for longer.

GIF of Glue Shaker from London Lash EU

These lash glue accessories will save you much needed time to keep to your busy treatment schedule. During this upcoming busy period you may be using your eyelash adhesive constantly, opening up the bottle cap and letting in air and moisture, which can cause premature hardening of the glue. 

Remember to store your glue correctly in an Airtight Container to avoid any issues. On the other hand, as a Lash Tech keeping up to date with time saving hacks such as using our Rescue Kit and Glue Nozzle Opener will help in sticky, difficult and messy situations. You can read more about time saving hacks for Lash Artists here and here, so you can rest easy knowing you can save time and money, as your favourite products will last longer.