Correcting Awkward Brow Shapes: Mastering Challenging Brows

Whilst we may wish that clients could come with perfect brows that are a dream to shape, we know that’s not always the case! As a Brow Technician, you are often faced with the challenge of correcting awkward brow shapes. This guide delves into the intricacies of various awkward brow shapes and provides detailed strategies for transforming them into stunning, proportional brows that suit the clients’ faces! Who doesn’t love a bit of a challenge?!

Henna brows with So Henna

Understanding Brow Shapes and Structures

Every brow is unique, with its own set of characteristics. The most common shapes include arched, rounded, straight, and S-shaped brows. Understanding these shapes is crucial in determining the best correction approach. Pay attention to the natural arch, length, thickness, and symmetry of your client's brows. Each brow type will require a different method of correction.

Addressing Sparse-Front Brows

Clients often present with brows that are full in most areas but sparse at the front. This area is typically preferred to appear more voluminous or 'fluffy.' To achieve this desired look, we recommend the hair stroke technique. This can be effectively done using brow tint or brow henna, skilfully applied to mimic additional hair, thus creating a fuller appearance at the front of the brow. Read all about our in-depth guide on how to create hair strokes using So Henna in  this blog post.

So Henna brow hair strokes

Transforming Tadpole Brows

A common issue you might encounter is what's known as 'tadpole brows' or 'dip brows.' Characterised by a thicker front that tapers off towards the end, these brows resemble a tadpole. This shape often results from past trends of over-plucking. To correct this, strategically remove hair from the lower part of the brow's front. Then, use brow henna to enhance or add strokes to the arch, achieving a more balanced and harmonious brow shape.



Reviving Over-Plucked Brows

Over-plucking is a frequent concern, leading to excessively high arches or thinning at the brow's tail. For such cases, henna brows are an excellent solution. Brow henna has the advantage of tinting both the hair and skin for a longer duration compared to traditional tints. This makes it ideal for creating the illusion of fuller brows. Apply your So Henna mix in the appropriate shade to the over-plucked areas, giving the appearance of rejuvenated brows. Advise your clients to avoid any hair removal in these areas. With patience and proper care, the brows can gradually return to their natural fullness. Make sure you read up on our So Henna aftercare guide in  this post, and always provide clients with a suitable  So Henna Aftercare leaflet for prolonged results.

Sculpting the Brow Arch

The brow arch is a key element in defining the overall look of the brows. For clients with flat brows, you can create a subtle yet impactful arch by removing hair from beneath the brow's midpoint. This not only adds dimension but also provides a lifting effect to the face. To achieve this with precision and gentleness, our So Henna Gentle Brow Wax is the best product for ensuring a perfectly defined arch.



Tools of the Trade

When it comes to brow correction, precision is key. There are some tools we recommend having in your brow kit to help you get the best results;

Henna Brows Aftercare and Maintenance

Educate clients on the importance of aftercare to maintain the shape and health of their brows. This is particularly important for clients who are battling sparse or over-plucked brows because aftercare makes all the difference to long-term brow health. One thing that needs to be drilled into clients is to avoid over-plucking between appointments. As tempting as it may be when brow hairs start to grow back, they need to be left alone! Try to persuade them to leave it until the next appointment and leave it to the professional! It’s also advisable to use a brow oil to nourish the hair and promote growth and thickness.

Henna brows with a Brow Technician

Correcting awkward brow shapes is an art that requires patience, skill, and an understanding of individual facial features. As a Brow Technician, your ability to transform brows can significantly enhance your client's overall appearance and confidence. Continue to educate yourself on the latest techniques and trends to remain at the forefront of this ever-evolving industry. As always, remember to tag us in your henna brows before and after photos on Instagram - @sohenna_official! We can’t wait to see what you create.