How to Pick the Right Lashes for the Best Classic Lash Extensions Sets

Classic Lash Extensions come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be applied so that you barely notice them as extensions, or so that they stand out in a crowd. Just to give you a better idea of the kind of looks you can achieve with Classic Lashes, we’ve put together a list of all of the thicknesses of lash extensions that we offer, so that you know exactly which ones to pick for any client coming to you for Classic Lashes.

Before We Begin

Before we get into the finer details, it’s worth going over the differences between our Chelsea Collection and our Mayfair Collection, as we have the same thicknesses available in each collection. To put it simply, Chelsea lashes have a semi-matte finish which means that they are often chosen when a client would like a more natural lash set. Mayfair lashes have a shinier finish, they give a more bold effect, however they do also come in a Black Brown variety, which are perfect for clients who do not have dark natural lashes and want a very natural look. 

Mayfair Black Brown Lash Extensions

Are London Lash Lashes Vegan?

One more thing we’re asked a lot regarding our lash extensions is whether they’re vegan, cruelty free and hypoallergenic. The answer to that is yes, our lash extensions are vegan, cruelty free and completely hypoallergenic. If you’ve known London Lash as a brand for a long time, you may remember that our Chelsea range used to be called Chelsea Silk lashes, and Mayfair used to be called Mayfair Mink lashes. This doesn’t mean that they were ever derived from animals or animal products, but was simply to signify that they had a different shine/finish, as explained in the above section. 

Classic Lash Extensions

Like with everything else in our industry, there are lots of different types of classic lash extensions, just to keep things (sort of) simple, we’re just going to go into thicknesses in this post, but you can get a better insight into the different curls and lengths on offer in this blog post.

0.07 Lashes

Traditionally these might be used for volume lash sets up to 5D, but 0.07 lashes can be used for a really light, very natural classic lash set. For clients with naturally thick lashes, 0.07 lashes can be used in a nude look, or for those with finer lashes, 0.07 lashes will give them a really lovely lightweight lash look.

Nude Look Lash Set from London Lash

0.10 Lashes

0.10 are very fine lashes, and are widely considered the thinnest lash extensions for classic lashes. They can also be used for 2D fans though, so are a good addition to your lash kit in the event that you need to cover a gap between lashes in an otherwise classic lash set. 0.10 lashes will give your clients a very natural look, just adding some density to their lash line.

0.12 Lashes

0.12 are one of our absolute favourite thicknesses of eyelash extensions, because they are so versatile in the kind of looks they achieve, and they are also a safe thickness for all kinds of natural lashes. For the majority of clients, 0.12 classic lashes will give a nice mascara effect, but for those clients who have a lot of natural lashes, it can look like a light volume set.

Classic Lash Set from London Lash

0.15 Lashes

Like with 0.12 lashes, 0.15 lash extensions can create quite a dense lash set whilst being safe to use on the vast majority of your clients’ lashes. For those with more sparse lashes, 0.15 extensions give you a bolder mascara effect, but for those who have lots of natural lashes, you’ll be creating quite a dense and bold lash set.

As 0.15 lashes aren’t too bold of an option, they are really great to use in your light hybrid lash sets when mixed with 0.07 lash fans. 0.15 lashes are also available in our range of Flat Lashes, so if you have clients with very fine or weak natural eyelashes, these are great to have in your collection. 

About Flat Lashes

Flat Lashes have the appearance of a regular classic lash extension of the same thickness, but only weigh around half as much, making them an excellent option for clients with very thin or weak natural eyelashes, who would also like their extensions to make an impact. 

We often explain flat lash extensions by saying they are like a regular classic lash that has been squashed, but in actual fact they are made by fusing two much thinner lash extensions together, which gives them their concave shape, make them nice and light and also give them their split tips, adding some softness to them. 

London Lash Flat Lashes VS Classic Lashes Diagram

Thicker Classic Lashes – Why Should We Consider Weight?

When you're picking the eyelash extensions to use for any client who visits, it’s so important to ensure you're using a thickness that’s safe for them. If you're consistently using lashes for your clients which are too heavy for their natural lashes to support, you are going to cause damage to their natural lashes. 

When you apply lash extensions that the natural lashes aren’t able to support, they will cause the natural lashes to droop and sometimes twist as they grow out. Not only will this affect how the lash set looks, but it can also cause irreversible damage to the bulbs of the lash roots, meaning that the lashes may not ever grow back, or will come back thinner and weaker than before. 

0.18 Lashes

The 0.18 are some of the more dramatic classic lash extensions, and really give a much denser, darker look to your client’s lashes. As they are quite thick, they may not be the best option for some clients who have finer natural lashes, so be sure to assess this during their consultation to ensure that you are giving them the safest treatment possible.

0.20 Lashes

These are our thickest regular classic lashes. 0.20 classic lashes will give a very dense lash look and are certainly going to turn some heads. As they are thick, we would only recommend them for those clients whose natural lashes are already quite thick and strong so that they are not weighed down by the extensions. 

For clients who crave drama in their lashes but aren’t able to sport these thicker extensions, we have 0.20 lashes available in our Flat Lash extensions collection. As with other flat lashes these only weigh around half as much as a regular 0.20 classic lash, so anyone who would be safe to have 0.15 lash extensions will be okay with these.

0.25 Lashes

As this is a very thick variant, we only have these available in our Flat Lashes range to ensure your clients’ natural eyelash safety, and the future of their lash growth. While these are much lighter than a 0.25 classic lash would be, we’d still recommend that you exercise caution when picking these, as they weigh a similar amount to a 0.18 extension, so may still be a little bit heavy for some clients.

Classic Lashes VS Flat Lashes

We firmly believe that classic lash extensions will never go out of style, and with so many potential looks you can switch up a client’s look time and time again without having to extensively expand your treatment list.