A Guide To Classic Lashes - Step By Step

Here are the basics. Picking which Classic Lashes you are going to use! In your consultation with your client you will establish the look they are hoping to get, Classic, Mascara Effect, something with a bit of drama? Knowing which lashes to use will help you better understand what your client is asking for. 

London Lash Mayfair and Chelsea Classic Lashes for Lash Extensions

Mayfair Lashes will give you a bit glossier / bolder / darker look, whereas Chelsea Lashes will give a more subtle and natural effect. 

Considering The Thickness

0.12 Lashes will give your client a nice natural finish to the lash set. The 0.12 lashes are subtle and enhance the client's eyes and natural lashes.

0.15 Lashes are a go-to for a mascara effect. It's a subtle difference, but an effective one. 

0.20 and 0.25 are a bit more dramatic. However, if the client is looking for something bold and dramatic, but at the same time light in weight then you can consider Flat Lashes - these come in thickness up to 0.25, but their weigh only half as much as normal Classic Lashes. All the drama and no damage, what could be better?

Considering The Length

After you've selected the lash thickness you will be working with, you should consider the length. To put it simply, the lash extensions should be a maximum of 3mm longer than the client's natural lashes. If the client's natural lashes are already quite long, you do not have to go much longer than them - remember, with a Classic Set you're enhancing their eyes, not making their lashes super long.

Considering The Curl

Depending on the look your client desires along with the curl pattern of their natural lashes, the choice of Curl is important. If the client is looking for a more natural effect then a B or C curl would be ideal. On the other hand, if they would like a bit more lift or drama to their set, you can opt for CC or curls. Of course, the range of curls is vast and for some clients a bit more of a drastic curl may be what they need. For the full range of curls available, check out this blog post: A Deep Dive Into Lash Extension Curls

Considering Pretreatment

Every Lash Tech should have the perfect Pretreatment routine. It is one of the most important steps of lash application, and yet it is an area which is most times overlooked or done wrong. London Lash has perfected a full 5-Step Pretreatment Kit which includes Lash Shampoo, Protein Removing Cleansing Pads, Lash Cleanser, Lash Primer and Retention & Speed Booster

- You can check out our blog post on How To Perfect Pretreatment and become a pro today.

5-Step Pretreatment BundleApplication

When it comes to applying Classic Lashes, we recommend you apply 5 lash extensions on one eye to begin with (spreading them evenly across the eye). Then move to the other eye and do the same. This assures you that:

  • Your work stays and looks symmetrical.
  • Reduces the risk of stickies (lashes sticking together).
  • If for any reason the client has to leave, it means they at least have a symmetrical look which you can build up on later.
  • Reduces the risk of chemical burn - if you work on one eye for prolonged period of time, your client may feel the fumes more. This can result in watery eyes, stinging or even chemical burn (if eyes are not completely closed).

Always make sure to set aside 10-15 minutes per eye at the end of the treatment to check for any stickies. Going through the lashes one by one you can ensure that they are not stuck to each other. Stickies can cause discomfort and even damage your client's natural lashes.

To help guide you during application, you can use a Lash Mirror to check your progress and make sure that the lashes underneath do not have gaps and your work is symmetrical.